16 peer-reviewed journals in different fields of economics (in Russian).


Journals list:


Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship

ISSN: 1994-6937

The Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship is devoted to studies in the field of economic, social, demographic, and legal aspects of entrepreneurship. The journal covers the issues of the entrepreneurial activities organization, management, marketing, state regulation, intercompany and public-private interaction, and particular field-specific and regional features of entrepreneurial units. The Editorial Board places a special priority on the studies in the field of developing and incenting entrepreneurial activities. The main content of the journal includes analytical reviews and the results of original scientific studies.

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Creative Economy

ISSN: 1994-6929

The Journal of Creative Economy is dedicated to studying the aspects of economic creativity as a source for economic growth mechanisms and innovations developing. The journal deals with institutional and macroeconomic issues such as knowledge management, development of human and intellectual capital, innovational development of the state and regions, formation of a national innovation system, and also with various practical aspects, including leadership and innovation management. Special attention is paid to the issues of creative and innovatively active professionals training at the institutions of higher and vocational education. The main content of the journal includes analytical reviews and the results of original scientific studies.

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Russian Journal of Innovation Economics

ISSN: 2222-0372

RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION ECONOMICS is devoted to assessing innovations and innovative development in the economic sphere. The journal publishes the results of studies, reviews and reports in the field of innovation economics and innovation management.

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Russian Journal of Labor Economics

ISSN: 2410-1613

Russian Journal of Labor Economics is an international scientific and practical journal devoted to theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of work activities, including studies on labor market, social and labor relations, work productivity and efficiency, remuneration of employees, reproduction of labor resources, as well as other scientific materials in the context of the Higher Attestation Commission specialty passport “Labor Economics”.

The journal publishes original research results in the field of labor economy and organization in Russia and abroad, analytical surveys, reviews, and short announcements of ongoing researches and labor statistics at the discretion of editorial board. All articles published in the journal are subject to mandatory peer-review.

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Global Markets and Financial Engineering

ISSN: 2410-8618

Global Markets and Financial Engineering journal publishes high quality original papers on applied and theoretical issues related to the area at the crossroad of three disciplines - Macroeconomics, Financial Markets and Applied Mathematics. Area of coverage includes theoretical models of financial markets, emerging and developing instruments and results of their practical testing. We put in the focus of discussion impact to global financial markets from a very recent inventions like cryptocurrencies, high frequency trading algorithms, "robots" equally with one produced by unconventional monetary policy of most powerful central banks. Methodological tools to research these processes are traditional methods of macroeconomic analysis as well as mathematical methods and approaches from applied fields. The journal strives to maintain a balance between a theoretical and practical aspects, inviting as authors both academic researchers and market practicians.

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Public-Private Partnership

ISSN: 2410-8367

The Journal of Public-Private Partnership aims to become an information and expert center in the area of partner relations between the state and private business. The journal’s main topics include theoretical studies and analysis of practical results of the partnership program implementation in various industries and regions of Russia.

The scope of the journal covers theoretical issues of public-private partnership development, questions of interaction between the government, business, and civil society, the regional level of public-private partnerships, municipal-private partnerships, “Government-Business-Education” cooperation in the conditions of transition to the information society.

Particular attention is paid to the theory and practice of public-private partnership, development of effective interaction mechanisms between federal and regional authorities, municipalities, business structures and civil society.

The main content of the journal includes scientific research findings and analytical surveys. The announcements of scientific and practical events, reviews on the published materials and polemic discussions can also be published in the journal.

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Russian Journal of Housing Research

ISSN: 2410-1621

Russian Journal of Housing Research is dedicated to studies on formation of a housing strategy that would ensure an optimal structure of housing construction and residential stock and meet the needs of different categories of citizens. The journal publishes reviews and original articles containing the findings of national and international research and practice in the field of residential real estate market and housing construction. The topical issues of state regulation as regards housing policy, public-private partnership mechanisms, and regional peculiarities of housing are discussed in the journal. The main goal of the journal is to familiarize its readers with the scientific research findings in the area of solving the housing issue and further discussion of these findings.

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Leadership and Management

ISSN: 2410-1664

The goal of The Journal LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT is to become an information and expert center in the field of studies on the problem of leadership and leader qualities in the system of organization management. The main themes of the journal are leadership studies as an independent scientific area and as a management instrument in corporal economy, leader’s personal qualities as well as psychological and social aspects of leadership. The journal mainly contains research results, reviews, analytical overviews, announcements of scientific and professional events, polemic materials and collections of publications in Russian and foreign periodicals.

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Food Policy and Security

ISSN: 2499-9431

The journal Food Policy and Security aims to become a center of expertise and information in the field of food security and food policy. The main theme of the journal is to identify priority research areas of food security at the national and regional levels to develop strategies and tactics, and implementation of state agri-economic and social policy. Food security is considered in the context of national security, the preservation of statehood and sovereignty of the country. The main content of the journal is the results of scholarly and practical research, analytical studies and socio-economic forecasts, discussion papers, interviews with experts, business leaders, representatives of the Russian business. All submissions will be peer reviewed.

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Shadow Economy

ISSN: 2541-7681

The SHADOW ECONOMY journal studies the economic and legal aspects of economic phenomena that go beyond state and industry regulation, including the issues of customs regulation, employment, and taxation. all areas of the Issues of the shadow economy penetrates into all spheres of economic life: production, exchange, distribution, consumption. Special emphasis is placed on the structure of the shadow economy at the stage of production (the production boundary of goods and services) or at the stage of formation and distribution of income (General production boundary), and methodological foundations of the study of the phenomenon of the shadow economy. Special attention is focused on identifying the reasons for the existence of the shadow economy (natural, economic, political, legal and social) and the ways of overcoming this phenomenon. The main content of the journal includes the results of research and analytical reviews. The journal publishes papers in various formats of interest to researchers in the thematic area of the journal.

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Russian Journal of Retail Management

ISSN: 2410-8596

The Russian Journal of Retail Management is devoted to the scientific study to the wholesale and retail trade. The journal examines the economic, legal, social and technological issues of organizing trade. Particular attention is paid to the state regulation of internal trade in Russia. Priority is given to the research of improving the quality of retail services, provided to the public, and development of  activity of  trade organizations of modern formats. The aim of the journal is to create an information environment for discussion and exchange of ideas between professionals in the field of trade, the formation of the expert community. The journal authors are the professionals of retail and wholesale trade with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience, experts, staff of consulting organizations, lectures of business schools, the authors of training. The main content of the journal is the results of original research and analytical reviews. In each edition of journal is a review of current trends in the trading industry in Russia and abroad.

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Journal of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Law

ISSN: 2222-534X

Journal of Economics, entrepreneurship and law highlights the issues on intersection of economic and legal entrepreneuship aspects. The content includes papers on management, marketing, logistics, finance and personnel management and aspects of commercial and employment law.

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Journal of International Economic Affairs

ISSN: 2587-8921

JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC AFFAIRS is devoted to studies in the field of foreign trade, economic integration and globalization. The journal deals with the organization of foreign economic relations, logistics, customs affairs, and problems of competitiveness and economic security, as well as import substitution. Priority is given to the researches in the field of development and stimulation of foreign economic activity under the circumstances of international economic integration. The journal publishes articles of members of the scientific and educational institutions, postgraduates, doctoral students and independent researchers.

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Journal of Central Asia Economy

ISSN: 2542-0607

Journal of Central Asia Economy is devoted to the economy of a vast region that includes Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and the nearby area. Special emphasis is placed on economic, legal, social and technological issues of this region's countries economy. The core content of the journal includes original research papers, reviews, announcements and reports on scientific and professional events and short messages.

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