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Creative Economy

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The Journal of Creative Economy is dedicated to studying the aspects of economic creativity as a source for economic growth mechanisms and innovations developing. The journal deals with institutional and macroeconomic issues such as knowledge management, development of human and intellectual capital, innovational development of the state and regions, formation of a national innovation system, and also with various practical aspects, including leadership and innovation management. Special attention is paid to the issues of creative and innovatively active professionals training at the institutions of higher and vocational education. The main content of the journal includes analytical reviews and the results of original scientific studies.

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  • Published since: 2007

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Latest issues

Volume 13, Number 2 (February 2019)

Рамазанов И. А.

Малое предпринимательство на рынке торговых услуг в контексте социально-экономического развития депрессивного региона

Пуляева В.Н., Крюкова Н.А.

Академическая мотивация: взгляд преподавателей

Mkrtumova A.A.

 The theoretical basis of the resource approach in the conditions of innovative environment


Shebeko D.K.

 Models of bounded rationality and their role in the transformation of the Belarusian economy


Pritvorova T.P., Gelashvili N.N., Zhumanova B.K.

 Social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan: problems and prospects


Tuguskina G.N.

 Regional features of innovative potential


Zhuravlev D.M.

 Organizational-economic mechanism of region sustainable development management


Trofimova T.V., Lomovtseva A.V.

 Digital technologies in ensuring the activity of public authorities


Mineeva V.M.

 The system of entrepreneurship state support in the digital economy


Lunev V.V., Luneva T.A., Rakhinskiy D.V.

 Guidelines for the development of the modern university


Pulyaeva V.N., Kryukova N.A.

 Academic motivation: a view of teachers


Rusova V.S.

 The economy should be economical or LEAN health care technology


Tyumina D.S.

 Business-model of lean innovations as an instrument for increasing innovation activity of Russian enterprises


Melnikova L.N.

 Development of «Share Value Creation» concept and its implementation in different industries in framework of sustainable development


Zorin A.S., Zorina N.A., Safrygin P.A.

 Creative approach to entrepreneurial management strategy in food industry


Vey V.Yu., Gorshkova Ya.S.

 Personnel innovative activity as a basis for implementing effective management of high-tech enterprises


Arenkov I.A., Shagieva Ya.M.

 Omnichannel in сustomer experience management


Murtuzalieva T.V., Sidorchuk R.R., Skorobogatyh I.I., Musatov B.V.

 System of continuous monitoring of consumer expectations indicators


Beryozkin Yu.M.

 Early Marx and modern “Fintech”


Volume 13, Number 1 (January 2019)

Gorelov N.A., Litun K.V.

 Scientific and technological matrix of formation of knowledge society and digital economy: methodological aspect


Seleznev A.G.

 Development of the Russian economy within a digital ecosystem on the Eurasian space


Vartanova M.L., Drobot E.V.

 Regulation of digital of financial assets and the use of blockchain technology in agriculture


Udaltsova N.L.

 The digitalization of economic processes in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0


Lapenkov V.Yu.

 Digital transformation in consulting


Rusova V.S.

 Digital healthcare: development and application in Russia


Garifullin B.M., Zyabrikov V.V.

 Types of business models of companies in the digital economy


Tagarov B.Zh.

 Business uberisation phenomenon and its limits


Tischenko T.V.

 Analysis of the activity of Russian development institutions in innovations stimulation


Batkovskiy A.M., Kravchuk P.V., Styazhkin A.N.

 Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the production of high-tech products by innovation-active enterprises of the industry


Bizin S.V.

 Evaluation of innovation policy in the region


Popov V.L., Zinnatullin R.R.

 Improvement of the management model for the development of the production and economic system


Zhdankin N.A., Sharipov B.K.

 Social and economic problems of development of the industrial region and innovative approach to their decision


Galushko M.V., Dedeeva S.A., Inevatova O.A.

 Innovative activity of the region: main problems and prospects of development (on the example of the Volga Federal district)


Garanin M.A.

 The model of the university as a centre of competence development


Pupentsova S.V., Nekrasova T.P., Pavlenko I.A.

 Loyalty program management in retail trading networks


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