ISSN: 1994-6929 (print), 2409-4684 (online)

Creative Economy

Peer-rewieved journal. Published in Russian.

Volume 11, Number 11 (November 2017)

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Burdenko E.V.

 Knowledge economy and integration of Russian education in the European market of educational services


Gayrbekov M.S.

 Creation of economic culture at comprehensive school taking into account regional aspects


Tevanyan A.M.

 Adaptation of economic systems to stress through the medium of intellectual capital management


Rusina A.N., Karpycheva O.V., Filimonenko I.V.

 Identifying high demand occupations and areas of training on the regional labor market


Nikitochkina Yu.V.

 Options for coordination of authorities and enterprises of high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries in the process of training production staff in the innovation economy


Gareeva N.A.

 Assessment of financial and economic potential of an innovative enterprise through models with a high sensitivity level


Babikova A.V., Korsakov M.N., Sarafanov A.D.

 Optimization of business processes of an industrial enterprise through the introduction of a process approach


Klimashevskaya A.A.

 Assessment of the potential of integration of Russian industry into the world technological environment


Yaskova N.Yu., Fomina L.L.

 Project business: from slogans to implementation


Lyasnikov N.V., Khambazarov Sh.B.

 Digital technologies in health care as an innovative direction of industry development: telemedicine


Osokina I.V.

 Developing a mechanism of taxation of e-Commerce participating organization as a criterion for increase of efficiency of tax administration in Russia


Kosmin A.D., Kuznetsova O.P., Kosmina E.A.

 Reasonable socio-economic reality as a resultant of the two contrasting poles of the natural light of reason – stupidity and wisdom


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