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Creative Economy

Peer-rewieved journal. Published in Russian.

Volume 13, Number 7 (July 2019)

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Khvetskovich N.A.

 Creative energy concepts in the intellectual capital theory


Gorodnova N.V., Samarskaya N.A.

 The problems of modern man and the quality of his life in the digital economy


Gorskina L.S., Propp O.V.

 The role of the educational environment in the development of digital skills


Safiullin M.R., Abdukaeva A.A., Elshin L.A.

 Methodological approaches to the formal assessment of patterns and trends in the development of blockchain technologies in the regions


Khandamova E.F.

 Brand as a tool for managing the marketing behavior of the subject in the conditions of structural modernization of the production sphere


Zakuskin S.V.

 The market of services of entertainment centers: a look through the prism of image-forming factors. Part 2. Features of emotional preferences


Malyshev A.V.

 The film industry as a sector of “creative industries”: the objectives of a diversified approach


Ivanova O.E., Ryabinina E.V.

 Labor ghosting as organizational alienation


Kharitonova Yu.V.

 Personnel development system in the conditions of global information processes


Ilyushnikova E.K., Ilyushnikov K.K.

 The tools to automate the process of personnel management in a commercial organization


Kovylkin D.Yu., Novikova V.N., Ratafev S.V.

 Capabilities of modern business process modeling tools


Trofimov O.V., Saakyan A.G.

 Implementation of careful production to improve the efficiency of the activity of the defense enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod region


Kadatskaya D.V., Lavrova Yu.S.

 Methodological approaches to the evaluation of the strategic development of entrepreneurship in light industry as the main driver of the development of the region


Borkova E.A., Napolova E.A., Orlov E.R.

 Problems of development and implementation of innovations in health care in Russia


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