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Creative Economy

Peer-rewieved journal. Published in Russian.

Volume 13, Number 9 (September 2019)

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Gorodnova N.V., Samarskaya N.A.

Stimulation of intellectual activity of Russian companies

Garanin M.A.

Management of indicators of the university on the educational services market

Molokova E.L.

Identification of categories of educational space in the industrial sciences

Borisova E.V.

Instruments of formation innovative infrastructure of the region for production of hi-tech products

Sergeev I.V.

Supply chain digital transformation methodology

Gurunyan T.V., Rozhdestvenskaya E.M.

Entrepreneurship as a dynamic competence: learning models

Novikova S.I.

Evaluation of the internal and competitive environment of the organization within the framework of the functional-environmental approach of cooperation-network interactions using the benchmarking method

Mrachkovskiy A.E., Telyatnikova T.V., Shevchenko N.V.

Features of staff involvement in the QMS process in an educational organization

Koryagina I.A., Korolyov G.V.

Diploma or experience? What do modern employers need?

Bodrova M.I.

Human capital and social responsibility are the sources for the formation of a highly effective organizational culture for the development of enterprises in the Russian Federation

Dontsova O.I.

The Northern sea route as an instrument of increasing the investment attractiveness of national projects

Shapovalov V.N., Petrova O.A.

A new approach to the development of socio-cultural competencies

Zakuskin S.V.

The market of services of entertainment centers: a look through the prism of image-forming factors. Part 4. The rational aspect, the general solution

Ivanova O.E.

Трансформация концепции управления человеком в организации

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