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Creative Economy

Abstracted in RSCI, Ulrich's. Published since 2007 by Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

Current issue – Volume 15, Number 5 (May 2021)

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 Improving the technological flexibility of the oil and gas sector by developing the methods of economic evaluation of engineering solutions

 Monitoring the effects of digital products amidst digital transformation of industrial enterprises

Pravovoe obespechenie sdelok po obyedineniyu biznesa i otrazhenie ikh v bukhgalterskom uchete

Upravlenie riskami ekonomiki i sotsialnoy sfery vo vremya pandemii koronavirusa

Teoretiko-metodologicheskie aspekty i rol konkurentsii v razvitii ekonomicheskikh subyektov i natsionalnoy ekonomiki

Analiz formirovaniya «corporate identity» v prodvizhenii brenda turisticheskoy firmy

Tendentsii proizvodstva i potrebleniya osnovnyh vidov myasa v Rossii

 Criteria for evaluating investment projects in the oil and gas industry and their particularities

 Methodological recommendations for creating a digital profile of professional competencies (digital footprint) and individual trajectories of employee development as a key component of the state’s human capital

 Influence of the material flow control system on the enterprise efficiency

 Exploring the relationship between the company’s financial policy and its position on the stock exchange during the pandemic

 Handicraft production in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution: step into the past or comfortable present?

 Consumer and use value

 The algorithm for constructing social entrepreneurship

 Social services market: trends and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

 Consumer preferences as a factor influencing the choice of paid medical services

 Tourism as a sector of the creative economy

 The development of antimonopoly regulation in Russia amidst the economy digitalization (on the example of the Yandex ecosystem)

 Transforming business events influenced by millennials

 Problems of introducing digital assets into modern payment turnover

 Improving the efficiency and manageability of the industrial mentoring process through the classification of its types

Transformatsii institutsionalnoy sredy i formirovanie potentsiala innovatsionnogo razvitiya na osnove modeley publichno-chastnogo partnerstva

Tendentsii modernizatsii khozyaystvennogo kompleksa periferiynogo regiona (na materialakh Amurskoy oblasti)

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