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JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC AFFAIRS is devoted to studies in the field of foreign trade, economic integration and globalization. The journal deals with the organization of foreign economic relations, logistics, customs affairs, and problems of competitiveness and economic security, as well as import substitution. Priority is given to the researches in the field of development and stimulation of foreign economic activity under the circumstances of international economic integration.

The journal publishes articles of members of the scientific and educational institutions, postgraduates, doctoral students and independent researchers.

  • Issued: Quarterly (4 times a year)
  • Media: Online
  • Published since: 2011

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Latest issues

Volume 8, Number 4 (October-December 2018)

Moroshkina M.V.

 Tourist market as a factor of the attractiveness of the territory: comparative analysis of Russia and Finland


Kopylov D.A.

 Tokenization of national currency: Swedish context


Zakharev Ya.O.

 Prerequisites for the development of cooperation between the PRC and Canada in the Arctic


Lomakina A.I.

 Transcontinental bridges vs continentality: the case of Russia and Canada


Pavlov V.V., Sapuntsov A.L.

 Prerequisites for the implementation of investment-based models in business relations between Russia and Africa


Fogel D.V.

 Improving the condition of transport infrastructure of Africa as a factor of stimulation the activity of foreign investors


Drobot E.V., Ivko E.S.

 Features of the functioning of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in terms of sanctions


Osadchaya G.I., Vartanova M.L.

 Difficulties of economic integration of the member states of the EAEU and the ways to overcome them


Drobot E.V., Vartanova M.L.

 Comparative results of ensuring food security of the Eurasian Economic Union countries in terms of import substitution


Naaber Yu.R., Akchurina O.L., Ostrovskaya E.S.

 Priorities of innovative activities in the economy of Kyrgyzstan and countries of the EAEU


Okenova A.O.

 Features of the development of the credit system of agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic


Aubakirova G.M.

 Adaptation of enterprises to the transformation of the external environment: the experience of Kazakhstan


Dzhamankulov B.S.

 The rudiments of previous approaches in the economic policy of Kyrgyzstan


Parpieva N.R.

 Taxation and competitiveness of living standards in the Kyrgyz Republic


Okenova A.O., Turkbaev B.K.

 The current state of financial and credit support of agricultural producers of the Kyrgyz Republic


Dolotbakova A.K., Orozonova A.A.

 Digitization of tourism as a factor of economic development of Kyrgyzstan


Vartanova M.L.

 Analysis and evaluation of risks and threats to financial and economic security of the Russian Federation: the impact of economic sanctions on the development of monetary policy


Volume 8, Number 3 (July-September 2018)

Drobot E.V., Ivko E.S.

 International economic integration in the field of customs affairs – the experience of the countries of the post-Soviet space


Vartanova M.L.

 Main directions of economic development and prospects of economic integration of the EEU countries


Krapchina L.N.

 Trends in geo-economic and geopolitical processes in the Central Asia region of the Post-Soviet area


Dzhunusbaeva Ch.I., Sayakova S.Sh.

 Possibilities of mandatory donation (zakyat) in the solution of socio-economic problems of kyrgyzstan


Vorobeva N.V., Pasechnaya M.A.

 Foreign trade relations of Stavropol region with CIS countries


Dashkin R.M., Dashkin E.M.

 The study of aspects of financial development of countries with emerging economies


Osadchaya G.I., Vartanova M.L.

 The problem of ensuring food security of the eeu and the ways of their solution


Gorbunova A.O., Scheglov V.Yu.

 Influence of sanctions on food security in Russia


Gubanov R.S.

 Analysis of priority investment projects implemented in the agroindustrial complex


Kolesnikov V.V., Lapina E.S., Sulemenova M.A.

 Features of industrial policy: experience of the European Union and BRICS


Gorkina T.I.

 Brazil’s energy programme as part of the BRICS strategy


Zakharev Ya.O.

 Economic Strategy of the People’s Republic of China in Scandinavia (Part 2)


Abramkina M.S.

 The political risks of the Chinese project «One Belt, One Way»


Khazanov A.M., Dzhavadov T.E.

 Альтернативы российско-китайскому партнерству в Арктике


Balalaeva I.E.

 Yuan exchange rate estimation and forecasting according to balance of payment


Lomakina A.I.

 Spatial and corporate restructuring of the Canadian oil industry under unfavorable economic conditions: transport and economic aspects


Arutyunyan V.A.

 Soft power: experience of the Russian Federation through the prism of international relations


Nagirnaya A.V.

 Transnationalization and transformation of the international division of labor in the information age


Gubaydullina F.S.

 Global trends in world football: the economist’s view


Drobot E.V., Zakharev Ya.O.

 Review of the collection of articles “EXPO-2017: modernization breakthrough in Kazakhstan: collection of conference materials” / edited by Z.K. Shaukenova, Astana: Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2017


Volume 8, Number 2 (April-June 2018)

Drobot E.V., Losinkova V. A., Pospelova A. L., Utyabaeva E. R., Fedash K.A.

 Review of key approaches to the classification of the countries of the world and a comparative analysis of the main macroeconomic indicators of the world’s leading economies


Lukovnikova N.S.

 On the external trade in light of the development of international economic relations


Pospelova E.A., Kazakova M.V.

 Income inequality and economic complexity in foreign countries: is there a relationship?


Pozdnyakov I.I.

 Impact of artificial intelligence on the development of world trade


Zakharev Ya.O.

 Chinese economic strategy in Scandinavia. Part 1


Samusenko D.N.

 Investment strategies of Chinese transnational corporations


Pankratova A.E.

 The Chinese factor in Southeast Asia: the impact on international economic relations in the early 21st century


Fogel D.V.

 Investment activity of Russian companies in the market of African countries given the improving institutional environment


Karagyozova N.R.

 Analysis of the dynamics of consumer price index, poverty and unemployment in Azerbaijan


Vartanova M.L., Drobot E.V.

 Modern state of the infrastructure maintenance of dairy facilities and the need for their modernization in terms of sanctions


Okenova A.O., Orozonova A.A.

 Prospects for export of organic products under conditions of integration


Dedkova E.G., Gudkov A.A., Bykova E.V.

 Directions and forms of state support for exporting enterprises in Russia


Vartanova M.L.

 Revival of agricultural cooperation as a necessary condition for the growth of middle class in Russia under conditions of import substitution


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