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Leadership and Management

Pubished since 2014 in Russian.

Aims & Scope

The goal of The Journal LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT is to become an information and expert center in the field of studies on the problem of leadership and leader qualities in the system of organization management. The main themes of the journal are leadership studies as an independent scientific area and as a management instrument in corporal economy, leader’s personal qualities as well as psychological and social aspects of leadership.
The journal mainly contains research results, reviews, analytical overviews, announcements of scientific and professional events, polemic materials and collections of publications in Russian and foreign periodicals.

  • Issued: Quarterly (4 times a year)
  • Media: Print and online
  • Published since: 2014

Indexation and abstracting: HAC, RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), Google Scholar, CrossRef, EBSCO Discovery

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Latest issues

Volume 7, Number 4 (October-December 2020)
Volume 7, Number 2 (April-June 2020)

 Media activity of domestic politicians and statesmen during the COVID – 19 pandemic as a tool to strengthen the confidence of the electorate


 Emotional and behavioural concept of marketing in the development of leadership models




 Intellectual basis of reindustrialization: are PPP projects of knowledge capital possible in the domestic economy?


 The methodology of application of the human resources creativity in the innovative activity management of the organization




 Applying a competency-based approach to personnel management and PR technology to achieve the company’s strategy


 Application of the group work methods for solving complex problems (the experience of Russian managers)


 Development of professional readiness of the heads of educational organizations for innovative management




 Development of methodological tools for evaluating the effectiveness of organizational management culture


 Increasing Industrial Network Business Efficiency Through a Digitalization of a Teambuilding Process


 Conditions for effective participation of employees in achieving the success of an IT firm: role characteristics


 Development of effective inter-firm cooperation in the conditions of digitalization


 Model of crisis management in the conditions of legal instability


 Applying agile business models to improve the performance of modern TNCs


 Development and identification of social entrepreneurship in the world practice


 Formalization of the algorithm for improving the strategic management system for nuclear power based on the theory of M.B. Ignatieff


 Development of an ontology of tangible and intangible factors of strategic management of the nuclear industry


 Industry features of the military-industrial complex enterprises in the organization of risk-protected planning technology


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