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Leadership and Management

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The goal of The Journal LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT is to become an information and expert center in the field of studies on the problem of leadership and leader qualities in the system of organization management. The main themes of the journal are leadership studies as an independent scientific area and as a management instrument in corporal economy, leader’s personal qualities as well as psychological and social aspects of leadership.
The journal mainly contains research results, reviews, analytical overviews, announcements of scientific and professional events, polemic materials and collections of publications in Russian and foreign periodicals.

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  • Media: Print and online
  • Published since: 2014

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Latest issues

Volume 6, Number 4 (October-December 2019)

Drobot E.V., Makarov I.N., Komissarov R.S.

 The formation of market leadership on the basis of knowledge management


Petrenko E.S., Shabaltina L.V., Kuttybaeva N.B., Salzhanova Z.A.

 Mental models of managers: the comparative analysis of Russia and Kazakhstan


Koksharov A.R.

 Actual problems of project management


Denisov I. V., Velinov E., Viter K. A., Busalova A. D.

 Business model: the history of the concept in foreign and domestic scientific publications


Kayachev G.F., Loktionov D.A.

 Evolution of the value approach in company management


Trofimov O.V., Frolov V.G., Zakharov V.Ya., Pavlova A.A.

 The algorithm of acceptance and realization of management decisions with the concurrence of the interests of the state and economic entities in accordance with the concept of “Industry 4.0”


Vavilina A. V., Komarova T. V., Velensi I. R., Reicher R.Z.

 Corporate social responsibility as an element of the business strategy of the company


Nesterenko E.S., Primyshev I.N.

 Institutionalization of strategic management of production facilities as a factor of effective performance of enterprises in the region (on the example of the Republic of Crimea)


Zakharov V.Ya., Trofimov O.V., Frolov V.G., Novikov A.V.

 The management of the ecosystem: integration mechanisms of the companies in accordance with the concept of “Industry 4.0”


Kostenkova T.A., Trubitsyna N.S.

 Management of personnel potential of the industrial complex of the region in terms of innovative development


Kruglov D.V., Kruglova O.D.

 Particularities of staffing in the context of digitalization


Ascheulov A. V., Tyutyunnikov A.S., Chikanova E.S.

 Ensure economic security in the personnel management in physical training and sports


Volume 6, Number 3 (August-September 2019)

Дроздов И.Н.

Бизнес-тренинг для персонала предпринимательских организаций: формы, возможности, ограничения, оценка эффективности

Igoshev A.N., Yakovleva D.D., Sharich E.E., Trebukhova A.A.

 Systematization of problem situations in the activity of the production enterprise on the basis of its logical and linguistic model


Mylnikova E.M., Nagibina N.P., Chernovalova G.A.

 Self-development mechanism of the industrial enterprise as an innovative method of increasing the level of its competitiveness


Isaychenkova V.V.

 Ensuring the competitiveness of industrial enterprises on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of activities


Alabugin A.A., Beregovaya I.B.

 The method of assessing the quality of management using diversified resources formation and development of high-tech industrial production


Ganebnyh E.V., Fokina O.V.

 Agile-projects management in lean environment


Ibragimov G.N.ogly, Adova I.B.

 Principles of business interaction with external stakeholders


Kalygina E.V., Efremov V.S.

 The adaptability of the organization in the context of external uncertainty


Berezyuk M.V., Rumyantseva A.V., Pelymskaya I.S., Barkin I.V., Rumyantseva E.I.

 Improving the management system of water supply and sewage system enterprises using a benchmarking tool


Stepanova V.E.

 Analysis of internal factors and management tools affecting the hotel financial performance


Schepakin M.B., Gubin V.A., Khandamova E.F.

 Conceptual aspects of restructuring management in the regional industry


Litvinyuk A.A., Loginova A.V., Kuzub E.V.

 Gender peculiarities of HR management in the sphere of science, higher education and high technologies


Garanin M.A.

 Assessment of personnel potential of educational programs


Gorodnova N.V., Samarskaya N.A., Skipin D.L.

 Improving the efficiency of management training of large Russian companies


Drozdov I.N.

 Business training for personnel of entrepreneurial organizations: forms, opportunities, limitations, performance evaluation


Shklyar T.L.

 Motivation: the view from psychoanalysis


Zaloznaya G.M.

 Review of the monograph by Zh.A. Ermakova, I.N. Korobeynikova, N.K. Borisyuk, D.Yu. Voronova, A.V. Kurlikova, E.I. Kutsenko, L.A. Soldatova, L.Yu. Berezhnaya “Logistic approach to managing economic subjects”


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