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Leadership and Management

Peer-rewieved journal. Published in Russian.

Volume 6, Number 2 (April-July 2019)

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Drobot E.V., Makarov I.N., Ryazantseva E. A., Filonenko N. Yu., Krylova A. D.

 Human capital and trust resource in the context of groups and individuals


Yakovleva E.A., Platonov V.V., Karlik E.M., Sharich E.E., Yakovleva D.D.

 Empirical model of systematization of financial indicators by management functions as a basis for establishing the innovative potential of the organization


Groshev A.R., Pelikhov N.V.

 Cluster initiatives: system features of formation, development and management


Valiullina L.A., Bespalova M.E., Khadasevich N.R.

 Integration of the principles of lean production and quality management system in the organization of labor of social service institutions


Palunin D.N.

 Adaptation of the best foreign practices in the field of risk management to the conditions of Russian industrial companies


Pavlenkov M.N., Reymov R.Zh.

 Improvement of sales management of the enterprise on the basis of controlling methodology


Pang Te

 Methodological approaches to the formation of strategic management mechanisms for the development of the petrochemical industry in the context of global challenges


Khairova S.M.

 Review of the monograph by Kosmin A.D., Kosmina E.A., Marysheva V.A. “Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Russian Federation: comparative analysis of trends and performance”


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