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Marketing-management in the digital economy

The aim of the journal "Marketing Management in the digital economy" (MMDE Journal) is developing a common information and communication platform for researchers, scientists and practitioners, experts in the field of marketing and management to discuss topical issues and problems of the transformation of marketing and management systems in a changing public consciousness, consumer behavior in the mass proliferation of digital technologies, digital communications, electronic data interchange and other means of information communication.

For authors

Manuscripts in Russian, please, submit to:

Submitted manuscripts should meet the general requirements:

  • Original research or Review type
  • Manuscript text – not less than 4000 words
  • Abstract – 100-150 words (IMRAD preferred)
  • Keywords – 4-5 words
  • Referenes – not less than 12
  • All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer-review process.




    1. The core content of the journals include the research results and reviews in economics.
    2. The journals publish papers of post-graduates, doctoral students and undergraduates from Russia, CIS and other countries subject to the text submitted in Russian.
    3. Published papers should meet the requirements of HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) and RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).
    4. Submitted paper should represent the research results and reviews within the journal’s scope. The paper structure should include introduction, methods and results, and discussion blocks.
    5. The originality of submitted text should not be less than 90% with all quotations figured in the correct form.
    6. Manuscript should contain the Abstract, Key words and the References list.
    7. All submitted manuscripts meeting the requirements are subject to peer-review process.
    8. The double-blind or blind methods with participation of not less than two experts are used according to the decision of the editor-in-chief.
    9. In case the manuscript is not congruent to the journal’s scope or the requirements, the motivated rejection is sent to the corresponding author.
    10. The peer-review reports are to be stored for 5 years and provided under the requests of Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation.
    11. Accepted manuscripts meeting the requirements are to be published in the journals according to the editorial plans. The metadata is published online in Russian and English.