ISSN: 2410-8367 (print), 2412-866X (online)

Public-Private Partnership

Published since 2014, indexed in RSCI.

Review procedure

  1. All submitted manuscripts that meet the journal’s scope are subject to peer-review process with the involvement of at least two experts. All reviewers should have publications not earlier than past 3 years.
  2. The review process is carried out with the compliance of recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE.
  3. Submitted manuscripts may be rejected without peer-review procedure in cases of journal’s scope mismatch, significant deficiencies in the paper design or violations of publication ethics.
  4. The decision about the peer-review process is taken by the journal editor on the results of preliminary assessment of design principles, ethics requirements and technical evaluation of the text originality.
  5. The editor sends the manuscript for review to two experts in the thematic area of the manuscript. The review process can be brought in by the members of the editorial Board and external experts.
  6. The reviewers use a blind or double-blind method. The basic method is the double-blind peer review (the author and reviewer do not know each other). Single-blind review (the author doesn’t know reviewer, but reviewer sees the author information) may be used in some cases when considering articles with a practical orientation.
  7. The reviewer has the right to withdraw from manuscript reviewing, if the article does not correspond to the subject of his research, there is a potential conflict of interest, and also if the reviewer cannot provide a review within a specified period for personal reasons.
  8. The content of the review is an opinion of the reviewer about the scientific novelty and practical significance of the manuscript, the adequacy of the references base and the presence or absence of methodological and factual errors. The conclusion of the reviewer may be one of the recommendations “Recommended for publication”, “Recommended minor revision”, “Recommended a major revision and re-review”, “Not recommended for publication”.
  9. The decision on publication is taken by editor-in-chief based on feedback provided by all the Reviewers.
  10. The original reviews are stored in the Publishing house at least 5 years and can be sent to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation to the editorial staff of the request.