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Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship

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Aims & Scope

The Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship is devoted to studies in the field of economic, social, demographic, and legal aspects of entrepreneurship. The journal covers the issues of the entrepreneurial activities organization, management, marketing, state regulation, intercompany and public-private interaction, and particular field-specific and regional features of entrepreneurial units. The Editorial Board places a special priority on the studies in the field of developing and incenting entrepreneurial activities. The main content of the journal includes analytical reviews and the results of original scientific studies.

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  • Published since: 2000

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Latest issues

Volume 20, Number 3 (March 2019)

Vartanova M.L.

 Formation and prospects of development of the single market of organic products the eaeu


Sergeeva N.M.

 Analysis of the sectoral structure of GRP of regions of the Central federal district


Salomatina E.V.

 Influence of excitive taxation on the growth of the illegal market of tobacco products in the Russian Federation


Filatova O.S., Selezneva Yu.A

 State support for agriculture as an essential factor in the development of the industry


Lysenko E.A., Mayorova L.N.

 Cluster analysis of enterprises in the sphere of agricultural tourism


Ermolin E.N., Tutygin A.G., Chizhova L.A.

 Model approach to the study of local-group behavior of business agents under institutional constraints


Ketova N.P., Popovskaya M.A.

 Internet marketing as an effective tool for the development of modern companies and increasing their marketing competence


Bikmetov R.Sh.

 Stages of creating innovative production based on a traditional plant


Ustinova O.E.

 The business models of the service industry in the conditions of digitization of the economy


Nizova L.M., Biryukova O.G.

 Chamber of Commerce as a phenomenon of entrepreneurship development (on the example of the Republic of Mari El)


Mezentsev E.M.

 The nature and tendencies of development of business networks of Sverdlovsk region


Kalmykov N.N., Ivanova T.B., Zemlyanskaya I.S., Miroshnikov N.I., Isaev A.P.

 About improvement of mechanisms of support of subjects of small and medium business


Imamverdieva Ch.R.

 Improving the efficiency of state support for small business in the tourism sector of Azerbaijan


Volume 20, Number 1 (January 2019)

Ermashkevich N.S.

 Comprehensive analysis of government measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in Russia


Sheina E.G., Serebryakova A.Yu.

 Problems of crediting small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation


Makarov I.N., Evsin M.Yu., Kokarev A.L., Krupina T.A.

 Problems of business valuation in the Russian economy: methodological and sectoral aspects


Koksharov A.R.

 Analysis of the state of project management in the realities of Russian business


Konstantinova E.V.

 Robust design of environmentally friendly production processes in the mode with increasing uncertainty


Fedyukovich E.V.

 Changing approaches to determining the results of modern organizations


Tischenko T.V.

 Institutional environment of public procurement and its impact on the activities of economic entities


Umnova M.G.

 Model of work of the organizations-suppliers with the state order from the perspective of requirements, risks and measures for their regulation


Konyagina M.N., Krasnopevtseva M.

 Youth and social entrepreneurship in Russia


Fedorov Ya.P.

 Financial and economic aspects of power: 10 years after liquidations of RAO UES


Kachalkina K.G

 Implementation of technologies of industry 4.0 in oil and gas companies


Mayorova EA.

 Trends and prospects of the toy market


Pulyaeva V.N.

 Training and development of personnel in the construction industry


Panyagina A.E.

 Mechanism of realization of investment priorities of the region


Moroshkina M.V., Myaki S.A.

 The results of the investment development of the regions in the territories which operate technical-innovation special economic zone,


Ryabchikova N.N.

 Conceptual approach to the development of regional agro-industrial clusters


Dudnik A.V., Marfitsyn S.V.

 Selsovet consumer cooperation as an instrument of regional rural territories development sustainability increasing


Sokhtaev M.K., Amet-ustaeva D.M.

 Prospects of development of the resort and recreational zone of the Western Crimea


Mollaeva N.G.

 The state of the infrastructure of consumer services of the population in the Republic of Dagestan


Seleznev A.G.

 The need to implement the system of supply of farm products for the needs of budgetary institutions and population of russia on the basis of digital technologies


Lysenko A.N., Laktyushina O.V.

 Analysis of the development of the dairy industry in the Bryansk region and its prospects


Bodrova M.I., Kizyan N.G.

 The development of organizational culture at enterprises in the Russian Federation as driver of country`s economy growth


Tagarov B.Zh.

 Outsourcing development factors in the information economy


Kosmin A.D., Kosmina E.A., Chernoknizhina N.V.

 About the exclusive driver of economic growth and interest of economically active population of Russia


Nikishov S.I.

 Fundamentals of the concept of development of adaptive-integrated logistics based on intelligent technology


Kookueva V.V., Tsertseil Yu.S.

 Review of foreign experience in the implementation of cluster policy in the territories development


Musatova M.M.

 Evaluation of the profitability of private equity funds in modern foreign econometric approaches


Pavlov E.L.

 Corporate social responsibility in the electric power industry of Europe


Yakhyaeva A.Yu. gyzy

 Foreign direct investments as a basic financial source of social and economic development of Azerbaijan


Dzhamankulov B.S.

 Urgent tasks of the economic policy of the Kyrgyz Republic


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