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Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship

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№ 7 / April, 2014

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Shevchenko Igory Leonidovich, Candidate of Science, Economics, Associate Professor of the Chair of Managementt, Kuzbass Institute of Economics and Law, Kemerovo

   Influence of globalization on some aspects of corporate management in russian companies


The article considers some aspects of corporate governance in russian companies in the conditions of globalization of the world economy. Proposed measures for improvement of the least developed aspects of corporate governance practices.

Gaganov Sergey Yuryevich, Postgraduate student, Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law, Leading Manager, VTB Leasing OJSC

   Research of demand for gold as a tool of influence on the national economics


The increasing demand for gold is driven by the volatility in the world financial system. It proved the necessity of its in-depth and comprehensive analysis as a tool to influence the national economy. For this purpose, the article search the evolution of the functions of gold with the release of the causes and consequences of their transformation, and also separately analyzed the factors affecting the development of the gold market. The specificity of the development of the gold market in Russia and the high competitive potential of the industry are scrutinize seperatly.

Trunin Pavel Vyacheslavovich, Candidate of Science, Economics, Head of the Chair of Macroeconomics and Finances Scientific Field, Institute of Economic Policy named after Е.Т. Gaidar, Deputy Director, Center of the central banks problems study of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow
Ponomarev Yuriy Yuryevich, Postgraduate student, Institute of Economic Policy named after Е.Т. Gaidar, Research Officer, Institute of Applied Economic Researches of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

   Monetary policy formation subject to exchange rate pass-through


The article analyzes monetary policy formation subject to the specifics of exchange rate pass-through. The authors consider questions of optimal monetary policy rules in presence of incomplete exchange rate pass-through effect, as well as exchange rate pass-through asymmetry. Substantiated the relationship between inflation and exchange rate pass-through.

Trifonova Elena Yuryevna, Doctor of Science, Economics, Professor of the National Economy Department, Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N.I. Lobachevsky
Prikazchikova Yuliya Viktorovna, Postgraduate student, Assistant of the Chair of National Economy, Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N.I. Lobachevsky

   Conceptual framework of strategic management of an enterprise foreign economic policy


In the present article the conception of strategic management of an enterprise’s external economic activity is offered, purposiveness of its using is motivated on the contemporary stage of development. Represented the totality of global changes and their consequences for designated enterprises. Feature approaches underlying the concept proposed by the authors. Contains recommendations for management measures to achieve the strategic vision on foreign markets.

Mataev Talgat Mustafaevich, Candidate of Science, Economics, Advisor of the Department for Entrepreneurial Activity Development of Eurasian Economic Commission, Applicant, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

   Definition and classification of the public private partnership forms


The article describes the basic scientific and methodological approaches to the definition of «public-private partnership». Major aspects of the projects implemented in the framework of public-private partnership. We consider the basic scheme of public-private partnership in the implementation of infrastructure projects. A classification of the types and forms of public-private partnership.

Paschenko Elena Vitalyevna, Postgraduate student, State University of Management, Obninsk

   Problems of financing and development of industrial parks in Russia


The article reveals the problems of financing industrial parks in Russia. Additional stimuli of their development are defined here. It has the main areas of viable industrial parks creation based on their support by Association of industrial parks.

Syatchikhin Sergey Valentinovich, Postgraduate student, Perm Branch of the Institute of Economics of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

   Territories self-development: budget aspect


The article contains a comparative analysis of the static and dynamic approaches to the assessment of structural elements of the territory self-development. The author introduces for scientific use the term «budget self-development of the territory» and presents the aspects of its use. The necessity of the territories focus on their budget self-development for the purpose of internal reserves search are grounded here.

Zubkov Artem Vladimirovich, Postgraduate student, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

   Shatursky district. Revival of the past greatness


With the help of strong and weak points strategic analysis (SWOT-analysis) the article reveals the reasons for dynamics and the trends of development of Shatursky district in Moscow region within the medium term.

Aristova Olyga Mikhaylovna, Candidate of Science, Economics, Volgograd State Technical University
Bachurin Evgeniy Igorevich, Undergraduate student, Volgograd State Technical University

   Tools of improvement of the enterprise activity for goods and service promotion


The article touches upon the role of goods and service promotion in the enterprise general activity. The author shows his vision of this process character. The article has a definition of the main tools and analysis of the strategies directed for goods and service promotion.

Sushko Anastasiya Viktorovna, Assistant of the Chair of Economics and Automated Control System, Yurga Technological Institute, Branch of Tomsk National Research Polytechnic University

   Evaluation as one of the tools of employee incentive management


The article touches upon the problems of the employee incentive. It defines the place of the personnel assessment in the general system of the incentive management. Here are the results of the employees’ values analysis of the enterprise studied. The areas of the employee incentive system improvement are proposed here.

Danchenko Olyga Valeryevna, Postgraduate student, Department of Economics and Production Organization, Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov, Moscow

   Investment prospects and development trend of the russian oil and gas industry


In the article the current state and development of the energy complex of Russia and, in particular, oil and gas sector is considered. The analysis of investment attraction of this branch is carried out, world tendencies of energy industry development are investigated. The special attention is paid to the questions connected with increase of energy efficiency of the russian energy industry.

Yudina Natalyya Igorevna, Postgraduate student, «Soyuzmorniiproekt» Design, Survey and Research Institute of Sea Transport, Moscow

   Port charges: nature, functions, collection schemes


The article examines the main issues related to the economic nature of the port charges. It analyzed, summarized and systematized a variety of viewpoints and approaches to their pricing, the functions of port charges, scheme of their collection. In this article explains the different approaches to the development of ports, their place and importance in the economic structure of the country.

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