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Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship

Peer-rewieved journal. Published in Russian.

Volume 17, Number 18 (September 2016)

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Galina V. Belekhova, Ksenia A. Ustinova, Aleksandra N. Gordievskaya

 Economic behavior of entrepreneurs and employees in the sphere of personal finances


Rifat I. Khabibullin

 Collective entrepreneurship in Russia: on the issue of organizational and economic measures to support formation and development


Varvara B. Karpova, Aleksandr V. Zaitsev

 The influence of globalization on the formation of the factors of the development of the competitive environment among high-technology enterprises


Aleksei V. Kashirin

 Innovative development program as an instrument for the innovative potential management at science-intensive enterprises


Yuri V. Erygin, Elena V. Borisova

 The concept of the innovation infrastructure formation in the region having a considerable potential for innovations at the defense industry complex enterprises


Irina A. Angelina, Elena A. Roslavtseva

 The efficiency analysis of interaction between business entities and public authorities


Svetlana V. Levushkina

 Functions of the state in the development of a national innovative-entrepreneurial environment


Aleksandr M. Pakhalov

 Institutional planning as an instrument of the investment climate improvement


Natalia I. Kozlova

 Shareholder value maximization on the dynamic Russian capital market


Azamat G. Tetsoyev

 The future of the world fuel and energy market in the conditions of biofuel industry development


Niyaz R. Khalilov, Yulia G. Lavrikova

 Methodological approaches to the determination of optimal boundaries of the automotive cluster within the frames of the local economic area


Irina B. Stukalova, Anastasia A. Stukalova

 The ratio of the educational services price and the ranks of higher educational institutions


Sergei O. Kalendzhyan, Dmitriy A. Stapran

 Three fundamental premises of the theory of outsourcing and delegation of authorities


Mikhail M. Khmelnitsky

 The experience of Turkey and Portugal in state debt management: quality assessment and introduction capacity


Viktor E. Savin, Khou Tze

 Social and economic conditions for the Kyrgyz Republic’s integration into the world economy


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