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№ 6-2 / June, 2009

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Zhuravlev Valeriy Aleksandrovich,

   National wealth of the creative community, its elements and evaluation


Wealth is one of the main goals of the creative community. In turn, the wealth of creative society consists of human, industrial, financial, innovation capital, natural resources, the final products consumed by society, social and international capital. How to evaluate the richness of the creative community? Read this article.

Redaktsiya ,

   Резолюция Международной научной конференции «Проблемы развития инновационно-креативной экономики»( )


Voinov Aleksandr Igorevich,

   resources for development, implementation and effectiveness of the priority tasks of nanotechnology industry development


World is entering a new era of development ssociated with the development and practical use of scientific achievements in the field of nanotechnology. In XXI century, nanotechnology will determine the progress and state of affairs in all spheres of human activity. What luggage will take Russia into this process? What the problems in this regard should be solved in the near future? Read this article.

Gulieva Alyona Yuryevna,

   Construction of innovative business


Is there a need in any innovations at all? In west Europe this question remains no longer, because the answer is too obvious: without them, and the continuous development of a very successful the company today, tomorrow left behind by competition. The development of innovation for Russia as a whole, might be a long one, but it should not necessarily be the same for individual Russian companies. The article discusses the main aspects of the innovative enterprise.

Shapovalova Tatyyana Alekseevna,
Kurbatova Svetlana Vladimirovna,

   To a problem of financing of innovation activity


The article clarifies the notion of financial resources in the context of innovation, the conditions and the main sources of its funding. Particular attention is paid to the issue of innovation of financial resources in the context of the global financial crisis.

Prudnikova Olyga Aleksandrovna,

   Structural policies and its instrumental provision


The narrow international specialization of the Russian economy and the accumulated structural imbalances reflect the low competitiveness of large segments of the economy. This means that the government policies are not favorable to the achievement of sustainable long-term economic growth. The need to develop and implement effective public policies and structural determination of its tools can be a basis for the elimination of distortions in the Russian economy and its access to the way of sustainable development.

Furin Aleksandr Gennadyevich,
Larionova Nina Ivanovna,

   Multi-center as an institution of public service delivery


This article describes the process of forming a new institute – a multifunctional center (MFC) and defines the basis of its establishment and operation. It is concluded that the MFC is an institution that ensures a positive impact in the delivery of public and municipal services to all interested agents.

Dmitriev Aleksandr Sergeevich,

   The problem of the calculation and distribution of natural rents


How to determine rental income and to choose fair mechanism for quantifying of nature rent? Which of the science concepts and methods of its calculation are an optimum? Read this article.

Lukashkina Vera Evgenyevna,

   Features of anti-crisis strategies formation


This article discusses the specific features of the formation of anticrisis strategies for companies. How to make optimal use of domestic resources and to restore the leading position? Readers are presented step-by-step algorithm for creating an appropriate strategy.

Golovina Tatyyana Aleksandrovna,

   The methodology for the management analysis and tools for its implementation in conditions of high uncertainty


The article deals with the concept of management analysis, conducted under conditions of high uncertainty. Its basis is the analytical information from external and internal environment of the company, the purpose is identification, measurement and evaluation of the after-effects of the analyzed factors on the economy of the organization.

Plotitsyn Aleksandr Nikolaevich,

   Complex assessment of investment projects


In article are considered problems of an economic efficiency estimation of investment projects. The characteristic of an indicator of a complex estimation is given.

Glazunov M I,

   The essence and relations between the concepts of «the liquidity of the company» and «the solvency of the company»


The article analyzes the relations between the concepts of «the liquidity of the company» and «the solvency of the company».

Kara Anna Nikolaevna,

   Problem of competitiveness in the formation of strategies for service businesses


This article discusses the current problems of assessment of competitiveness in the formation of strategies for service businesses. Analyzed the levels of competitiveness and the interrelationship of economic categories «competitiveness», «a competitive advantage», «the strategy for implementing a competitive advantage».

Pavlenko Valeriya Aleksandrovna,
Tkacheva Anastasiya Raisovna,
Sizova Anna Olegovna,

   The rationale of economic efficiency of investment projects in the fuelenergy sector, taking into account the ecology criteria and risks


The article deals with the problems of assessing the impact of environmental hazards in the facility»s oil and gas industry (in particular, of the pipelines). Offered the primary method of identification of environmental risk, taking into account the duality of their manifestations and impacts. We propose two approaches to quantify the ecological risk.

Dzhandosova Roza Dzharullaevna,

   Coal industry: status and prospects


In the Federation Council on Feb. 26, 2009 under the chairmanship of Sergei Shatirov, Vice Chairman of Committee on Industrial Policy, held a round table «On measures of state support of the coal industry in Russia». The participants, having considered the state of the coal industry, have developed recommendations for its support in the context of global economic crisis. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Energy and other departments as well as governments of regions and managers of coal companies.

Semenova Mariya Aleksandrovna,

   Formation of a competitive electricity market in Russia


Following the example of most western countries Russia has stepped on the path of reforming the electricity sector. However, instead of the expected benefits of liberalization, Russian entrepreneurs faced the significant increase in retail electricity prices. This leaves the authorities no actual regulatory leverage on the situation. What is a competitive market in the theory and the competitive electricity market in Russia – these are the main issues in this article.

Dorokhina Elena Yuryevna,

   Risk management in a large construction company: problems of organization


This article discusses a possible approach to organization of risk management in construction concern. We describe the concept of «risk of three lines of defense». A detailed analysis of each particular line is given, showing the benefits of an integrated system of risk management.

Anisimov Andrey Yuryevich,
Akhtulov Aleksey Leonidovich,

   Developing the mechanisms to increase the volume of transactions in the business entity»s of real estate market by increasing consumer demand


The entrepreneurial activity of the real estate market participants during the economic crisis requires finding and implementing innovative approaches and mechanisms. This will reduce costs, increase the volume of transactions, and thus increase revenues. However, if there is a kind of the mortgage, which today would be beneficial to all: vendors, buyers and banks? Read this article.

Vinakov Ilyya Vasilyevich,

   The loan portfolio of commercial banks. Quality management of a credit portfolio


Improving the quality of loan portfolio allows you to solve the most acute problems in bank management and ensures secure management of loan portfolio, while reducing the bank risk. In this regard, the study of commercial bank loan portfolio and prudent management of its structure are the actual topics.

Barnash Evgeniy Aleksandrovich,

   Business solutions in prepay cards promotion on the market of telecommunication services


The article identifies and describes effective actions to promote communication services through the prepay cards.

Ovchinnikova Tatyyana Ivanovna,

   Efficiency management in the dairy industry companies


This article describes the modern approach to the efficiency management of the enterprises based on the DEA-method (Data Envelopment Analysis – analysis of the functioning of the environment) on the example of the dairy industry of Voronezh Region.

Elagin Dmitriy Viktorovich,

   Current problems of crop insurance with state support


Up to date in Russia, as elsewhere in the world, agricultural entrepreneurs insure future harvests and other results of their work, depending on weather and other destructive factors. Is it effective? What is the role of the Government in this activity (and what it should be)? How to improve the traditional model of crop insurance? Read this article.

Ponamarev Oleg Ivanovich,

   Sanatorium and resort organization: features, challenges, problems and solutions


This article discusses the features of sanatorium organizations increasing their demand among tourists and holidaymakers. Showed the processes of state regulation of prices, allowing for increased service delivery and enhance the liquidity and competitiveness of sanatorium organizations. We propose measures to promote domestic resorts.

Kartauzov Aleksey Aleksandrovich,

   Methods of determining the competitiveness of the productive forces


Transition to market economy and total globalization requires new methodological approaches, based primarily on the competitiveness of the socio-economic systems. The author suggested the economicmathematical procedure, that allows calculating, determining and comparing the activities of regional competitiveness of the productive forces.

Dupley Vladimir Viktorovich,
Sklyarova Yuliya Mikhaylovna,
Sklyarov Igory Yuryevich,

   Problems and assessing the effectiveness of management of state property


In the current socio-economic situation, an important task is to develop a quality management system by improving the efficiency of state property management, accounting and control. How can this be achieved? The authors» view on this subject is contained in the article, proposed to our readers.

Sadykov Gamzabek Aydynbekovich,

   The problem of employment (based on the materials of Dagestan Republic)


Unemployment in Dagestan has become an integral reality. Every third of those in need and willing to work for hire has not got a source of livelihood. 70% of young people under the age of 30 do not have the legal work and the number of unemployed due to lack of adequate levels of professional education. What are the ways out of this situation? Read this article.

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