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Shadow Economy

Published in Russian since 2017.

Aims & Scope

The SHADOW ECONOMY journal studies the economic and legal aspects of economic phenomena that go beyond state and industry regulation, including the issues of customs regulation, employment, and taxation. all areas of the Issues of the shadow economy penetrates into all spheres of economic life: production, exchange, distribution, consumption.
Special emphasis is placed on the structure of the shadow economy at the stage of production (the production boundary of goods and services) or at the stage of formation and distribution of income (General production boundary), and methodological foundations of the study of the phenomenon of the shadow economy. Special attention is focused on identifying the reasons for the existence of the shadow economy (natural, economic, political, legal and social) and the ways of overcoming this phenomenon.
The main content of the journal includes the results of research and analytical reviews. The journal publishes papers in various formats of interest to researchers in the thematic area of the journal.

  • Issued: Quarterly (4 times a year)
  • Media: Print and online
  • Published since: 2017

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