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Shadow Economy

Peer-rewieved journal. Published in Russian.

Volume 2, Number 4 (October-December 2018)

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Burov Vitaliy Yurevich, (Transbaikal State University)

 Review of the regulatory legal and regulatory framework for combating the shadow economy


The article is devoted to the review of the legal framework of combating the shadow economy. The list of normative legal acts and directions of their counteraction to the shadow economy is given. The article highlights illegal business activities, including the payment of shadow (informal) wages, as well as legal acts that contribute to the legal counteraction to these phenomena. It is revealed that today in Russia there is no legal act that determines the strategy of reducing the level of the shadow economy.

Tumunbayarova Zhargal Bairovna, (Transbaikal State University)
Antsiferova Mariya Dmitrievna, (Transbaikal State University)

 Informal employment: causes and determinants of its level


The article discusses the causes of informal employment. The key factors that have a positive and negative impact are identified. The article presents a comparative analysis of macroeconomic indicators and the level of informal employment in the Russian Federation, and their relationship.

Evtyukhin Anton Sergeevich, (Southwestern State University)

 World experience in the implementation of import substitution policy as a factor of economic security


The article analyzes the world experience of import substitution policy implementation. The experience of the countries of East, South-East Asia and Norway is considered as the most indicative in terms of the development of export-oriented industries. The article touches upon the issue of economic security in the direction of implementation of the task of strategic import substitution to reduce the production dependence of the Russian economy on imports. On the basis of the conclusions made in the article, the conditions for the development of a multiplier effect for the domestic industry are proposed.

Khanchuk Nadezhda Nikolaevna, (Transbaikal State University)

 Review of the monograph by Burov Yu.V. “The shadow economy and small business: theoretical and methodological foundations of research” (Chita, 2014)


Varkulevich T.V. , (Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service)

 Review of the monograph “The state financial regulation of the insurance market: world experience and its use in Russia” (Moscow, 2017)


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