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RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION ECONOMICS is devoted to assessing innovations and innovative development in the economic sphere. The journal publishes the results of studies, reviews and reports in the field of innovation economics and innovation management.

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  • Published since: 2011

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Latest issues

Volume 8, Number 4 (October-December 2018)

Smirnov E.N.

   Evolution of innovative development and prerequisite of digitalization and digital transformations of the world economy


Gadasina L.V., Piven G.I.

   Is digitalization a threat or an opportunity for management development?


Kovylkin D.Yu., Trofimov O.V., Strelkova L.V., Frolov V.G., Usov N.V.

   Development of a mechanism for the development of priority high-tech industries in the region in the transition to the digital economy


Levitskaya E.N., Petrov M.V.

   Foreign capital in national innovation systems


Burlakova A.P., Skvortsova G.G.

   Investment support of innovative renewal of fixed capital


Popov V.L.

   Improvement of the management system for innovative products development


Savchenko Ya.V., Ramenskaya L.A.

   Features of formation of a project management system in the field of R & D


Klimenko T.I.

   Trends in the innovation development of the services sector of the Russian macroeconomic system


Yagolnitser M.A., Kolobova E.A.

   Measurement of influence of institutional conditions for the creation of innovative territorial and industrial clusters in russian regions


Nagaeva O.S.

   Model of resource-innovative development of raw materials region


Kozlova O.A., Kopylova Yu.V., Tagirova A.V.

 Innovative potential of social entrepreneurs of KhMAO – Ugra


Sayfullina F.M., Mustafina L.R., Semenov D.N.

   Innovative technologies as a basis for sustainable road construction


Zhelezneva R.G., Mayorova E.A.

   Analysis of the dynamics and forecasting of consumer prices for milk and dairy products


Zhiltsov S.A.

   Method of implementation of the autonomous power supply project depending on the stages of the life cycle


Rayskaya M.V.

   Management of company innovations susceptibility: content-analytical aspect


Kuntsman A.A.

   Building an effective enterprise architecture as a necessary condition for adaptation to the digital economy


Beilin I.L., Khomenko V.V.

   Economic regulation of the profitability of an innovative enterprise with variable investment under the conditions of digitalization


Gabdullin N.M.

   Modern approaches and methods of measuring human capital


Volume 8, Number 3 (July-September 2018)

Nesterova O.A., Pozharnitskaya O.V.

 Assessing well-being from the perspective of sustainable human development: the potential of international indices


Vavilina A.V, Kalashnikov I.B., Gladysheva I.V.

 Innovatively oriented digital infrastructure – the sphere of ensuring successful implementation of technological breakthrough


Tsertseil Yu.S., Kookueva V.V.

 Prospects of territories development within the implementation of the cluster approach in the Russian Federation


Lyashenko E.A.

 Methodological approach to the study of the regional institutional environment of technopark structures


Ryapukhina V.N.

 Assessment of the effectiveness of innovative development of regions: methodology and rating


Klescheva O.A.

 Forecasting the life cycle of innovation, taking into account the impact of inflation


Tortsev A.M., Smirennikova E.V., Studyonov I.I., Novoselov A.P.

 Theoretical and methodological aspects of evaluation of innovative development of the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation


Matvienko I.I.

 Regulatory framework of innovation development and innovation infrastructure of the Arctic territories


Tumenova S.A., Zherukova A.B.

 Issues of ensuring the economic systems competitiveness in innovation economy


Poloskov S.S.

 The innovative way of Russia’s shipbuilding development: problems and prospects


Myzrova K.A., Tuganova E.A.

 Digitalization of health care as a perspective direction of development of the Russian Federation


Klimashevskaya A.A.

 Methodological tools for assessing the effectiveness of technological modernization of industrial enterprises


Beilin I.L., Khomenko V.V.

 Economic evaluation of the optimum performance of an innovative enterprise with the account of the cyclicity of its development


Belysh K.V.

 Multipurpose approach to implementation and evaluation the efficiency of the projects on lean production in industrial enterprises


Ildemenov D.S.

 Innovative activity (enterprises), as the condition of development of lean thinking


Mokina L.S., Lisyanskiy A.B.

 The main advantages of the enterprises operating in cluster association


Volume 8, Number 2 (April-June 2018)

Соколов А.А.

Анализ проблемных ситуаций, рисков и угроз в управлении структурными преобразованиями на основе теории адаптивного управления

Kraft Y., Zaytsev A.V.

 Global changes in the economic space and the development of innovative production in the world turbulence


Leschenko Yu.G.

 Financial Stability Board: prospects for the development of a global regulation mechanism


Gribanov Yu.I.

 The main models of industrial digital platforms development


Starikova M.S., Bezuglyy E.A., Shakhov V.V.

 Creative potential as a basis for innovative development of the region


Melnikov O.N., Krasnikova A.S.

 Organizational and management support of the unity of the solution of the tactical and strategic tasks of the enterprise as the factor of the effectiveness of its innovative development


Yakovleva E.A., Kozlovskaya E.A., Boyko Yu.V.

 Evaluation of the innovative potential of the enterprise based on the cost approach


Politaev V.I.

 The importance of the Innovation code of the Russian Federation for the development of high technology


Sokolov A.A.

 Analysis of problem situations, risks and threats in the management of structural transformations based on the theory of adaptive management


Efremova P.V.

 Improving the innovation management system at the university by forming an innovative infrastructure


Varenitsa Yu.I., Kimyaev D.I., Astashev M.G., Varenitsa G.Yu., Gusev V.A., Gusev O.A.

 Mobile remote monitoring system of the latest generation as an innovative solution to the problems of optimization of production control at the enterprise of the military-industrial complex


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