Published in «Russian Journal of Labor Economics»1 / 2017
DOI: 10.18334/et.4.1.37589

Genesis of the recreational industry and its impact on human capital reproduction

Grigorev Valeriy Ivanovich, The St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia

Генезис рекреационной отрасли и её влияние на воспроизводство человеческого капитала - View in Russian

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The article conceptually reveals the historical causes of the development of the Russian recreational industry, which corresponds to the cultural development dynamics and multi-attributive activities. We analyze the connections between institutional, economic, and technological factors that affect the human potential reproduction from the scientific, cultural, and philosophical positions. The distinguished recursions indicate the staging of the iterative self-development of the industry. We have made an attempt to understand the interaction between natural factors, culture, and industrial sphere and their impact on the development of the recreational sector of the economy.


development factors of recreational industry, human capital, human potential reproduction, recreational industry
Grigorev V.I. (2017). Genesis of the recreational industry and its impact on human capital reproduction [Genezis rekreatsionnoy otrasli i eyo vliyanie na vosproizvodstvo chelovecheskogo kapitala]. Russian Journal of Labor Economics, 4(1). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/et.4.1.37589.

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