Published in «Creative Economy»8 / 2018
DOI: 10.18334/ce.12.8.39275

Opportunities and challenges in promoting the «One belt, one road» initiative in China

Chen Syue , Yanjing technical University Institute of accounting, Russia

Tsiyu Minfen, Institute of Finance and taxes, Central University of Finance and Economics, Russia

Возможности и вызовы в процессе продвижения инициативы «Один пояс, один путь» в Китае - View in Russian

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The article discusses the opportunities and challenges in the process of promoting the «One belt, one road» initiative in China. The authors presented recommendations for the construction of «One belt, one road»: to adhere to the principle of «joint discussion, joint creation and joint use»; to strengthen the mechanism of intergovernmental cooperation and exchange; to actively pursue cultural exchanges, create a political environment of mutual trust and resolve differences and misunderstandings; to focus on the interface of development strategies and plans of all countries to achieve mutual benefit.


economic cooperation between Russia and China, One belt - one road initiative, Russia and China

JEL-Classification: N15, N25, N45, N75

Chen Syue, Tsiyu Minfen (2018). Opportunities and challenges in promoting the «One belt, one road» initiative in China [Vozmozhnosti i vyzovy v protsesse prodvizheniya initsiativy «Odin poyas, odin puty» v Kitae]. Creative Economy, 12(8). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ce.12.8.39275.

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