Published in «Creative Economy»11 / 2018
DOI: 10.18334/ce.12.11.39537

Problems of upbringing and education through the eyes of students

Savchenko Irina Ivanovna, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia

Shatokhin Ruslan Anatolevich, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia

Cherkalov Artem Evgenevich, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia

Проблемы образования и воспитания глазами студентов - View in Russian

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This article is the result of the research work of students participating in the work of the scientific circle of the Department of Economic Sciences of the Far Eastern State University. A large body of scientific literature on this problem has been studied. A questionnaire was developed out of 40 questions and a survey was conducted among the students of the 1st and 2nd year of the School of Economics and Management. The results of the survey are analyzed. The main idea of the article is that the improvement of the educational process at the present time must meet the requirements dictated by the new era. In the 21st century, education becomes the key to solving global problems. The new era is, first of all, a new person capable of rising to the level of scientific discoveries about the world, about new ways and methods of its cognition, about new technologies. Therefore, the formation of personal qualities of a person, citizen, specialist - is extremely important. The competitive struggle for a place in this world was very tough. Russia should take a high place in this competition. The quality of education is the priority of our national policy. Therefore, it is important to set a goal, identify tasks, identify problems, identify specific shortcomings and eliminate them. The conclusions presented in the article concern private matters, but everyone takes part in a lot of work, defining their own site.


education, human capital, problems of education in secondary and higher schools

JEL-Classification: I20, I29, J24

Savchenko I.I., Shatokhin R.A., Cherkalov A.E. (2018). Problems of upbringing and education through the eyes of students [Problemy obrazovaniya i vospitaniya glazami studentov]. Creative Economy, 12(11). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ce.12.11.39537.

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