Published in «Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship»1 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/rp.20.1.39751

Selsovet consumer cooperation as an instrument of regional rural territories development sustainability increasing

Dudnik Aleksey Vyacheslavovich, Institute of Economics, Ural branch of RAS - Kurgan branch; Kurgan State Agricultural Academy named after T. S. Maltsev, Russia

Marfitsyn Sergey Vladimirovich, PK Uralets, Russia

Потребительская кооперация сельских советов как инструмент повышения устойчивости развития сельских территорий региона - View in Russian

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In present, in Russia there are wide relatively overpopulated rural areas with high unemployment rate and low quality of available jobs.
Unfavorable social and economic conditions of mentioned areas stimulate negative demographic processes like work-capable population mechanical outflow, life expectancy lowering, life standards degrade, deterioration of human capital untouched by outflow migration processes.
To see from the perspective of problems noticed above, Kurgan region is the most difficult part of the Ural federal district. In last 15 years its population decreased by 13%, as well as rural population decreased by 27%. By different evaluations, from 40% to 50% of arable land in Kurgan region is abandoned. One of the areas of Kurgan region with depopulation problem manifested most is Polovinsky municipal district. This is proved by results of our survey performed by district’ Administration request. One of possible ways of rural territories sustainable development proposed to approbate upon the certain district level, is th consumer cooperation development.
Promotion and popularization of cooperative movement ideas, organization of first consumer cooperatives based upon conceptual model offered in this article will facilitate the solution of rural production problems like high-quality personnel shortage, deficit of living space for young specialists, young people outflow from countryside to the cities and other regions, low wages and expensive capital goods, as well as low prices for cooperative participants production. This may finally lead to arable land usage growth and increase in overall region development grade, changing the tendency to district’s neglect and desolation. This article will be interesting for village Council heads, district heads, management of the Russian Federation subjects and those who are interested in innovative ideas to improve Russia’s population welfare.
In case of successful realization of pilot cooperative projects in Polovinsky district, this experience may be scaled to the level of Kurgan region as a whole


association, consumer cooperation, consumer's benefit, rural territories, selsovet, sustainable development

JEL-Classification: Q01, Q13, Q56

Dudnik A.V., Marfitsyn S.V. (2019). Selsovet consumer cooperation as an instrument of regional rural territories development sustainability increasing [Potrebitelskaya kooperatsiya selskikh sovetov kak instrument povysheniya ustoychivosti razvitiya selskikh territoriy regiona]. Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship, 20(1). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/rp.20.1.39751.

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