Accessibility of higher education in conditions of transition to the economy of knowledge

Sukhochev Viktor Ivanovich, Cand. of Econ. Sci., honorary worker of the secondary vocational education in Russia, Head of the Kumertau Institute of Economy and Law, Russia

Zhuravleva Tatyyana Yuryevna, Applicant, Chair of Accounting, Consulting and Finance, Voronezh State Academy of Technology, Russia

Ogorodnikov Igory Aleksandrovich, Cand. of Phys. and Math. Sci, Director of «Ecodom» LLC, Russia

Доступность высшего образования в условиях перехода к экономике знаний - View in Russian

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In the article the author investigates the problem of the higher education accessibility in conditions of transition to the economy of knowledge. As a
result of his researches the author suggests to introduce the notion of general accessibility of education which, in its opinion, includes organizational,
academic, territorial and economic accessibility. Structuring of the general accessibility of the higher education creates a certain theoretical basis for the
further research of the problems of the higher education accessibility and development of a technique for its estimation.


academic accessibility, financial availability, organizational accessibility, price accessibility, territorial accessibility
Viktor Sukhochev (2009). Accessibility of higher education in conditions of transition to the economy of knowledge [Dostupnosty vysshego obrazovaniya v usloviyakh perekhoda k ekonomike znaniy]. Creative Economy, 3(9). (in Russian)..

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