Published in «Journal of International Economic Affairs»1 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/eo.9.1.39915

Features of bilateral markets network benefits

Strelets Irina Aleksandrovna, MGIMO-University (Moscow State Institute of International Relations); Academy of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, Russia

Особенности двусторонних рынков сетевых благ - View in Russian

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The article disclosures the specificity of the origin and functioning of bilateral (multilateral) markets of network goods. The author gives a review of the literature on the subject, analyzes the process of formation of the theory of two-sided markets. Special attention is paid to the problems of realization of strategy of behavior of firms in two-sided markets.


business model, multi-sided markets, network externalities, price structure, two-sided markets

JEL-Classification: D40, D62, D69

Strelets I.A. (2019). Features of bilateral markets network benefits [Osobennosti dvustoronnikh rynkov setevyh blag]. Journal of International Economic Affairs, 9(1). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/eo.9.1.39915.

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