Published in «Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship»3 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/rp.20.3.40074

Chamber of Commerce as a phenomenon of entrepreneurship development (on the example of the Republic of Mari El)

Nizova Lyudmila Mikhaylovna, Volga State University of Technology, Russia

Biryukova Olga Gennadevna, Volga State University of Technology, Russia

Торгово-промышленная палата как феномен развития предпринимательства (на примере Республики Марий Эл) - View in Russian

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The Chamber of Commerce in a market economy is an essential link in the development of entrepreneurship. Its main mission is interdepartmental cooperation with executive authorities and enterprises of the union’s membership base (large, small and micro enterprises).
2. In order to develop a consolidated position at the site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are public units for insurance, business development, energy audits and professional education in the training of qualified personnel.
3. A significant factor is the formation of the infrastructure of entrepreneurial activity and the participation of representatives of the chamber in public formations of the republic, their training and retraining.
4. In the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, special consideration is given to taking into account external and internal factors that influence the degree of risk and the sustainability of business structures in the labor market.
5. To enhance the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the development of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to attract investments by creating new jobs in order to identify products of production, improve their quality and competitiveness.

The role of the territorial chamber of commerce and industry in the development of economic infrastructure in the field of entrepreneurship is investigated. Based on the author's monitoring, the dynamics and structure of the membership base are determined by size and type of activity. The priority areas include the growth of the membership base of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a wide arsenal of business services provided. This had a positive effect on the growth in the number of small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs, an increase in the average number of employees, an increase in the average monthly wage, and an increase in turnover. Against this background, the following problems continue to occur: unforeseen circumstances in a market economy, dependence on the investment climate and the system of managing small and medium businesses, difficulties with the financial condition of enterprises. This requires further improvement of the conditions of competition, the formation of interdepartmental interaction between business and the state, the introduction of new innovative projects using non-resource sectors of the economy, the development of self-employment in the framework of the national project. The article will be interesting for entrepreneurs, self-employed, members of the Board of Trustees of Universities, members of the chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Mari El, specialists of regional and municipal authorities, labor and employment, non-profit organizations and business communities.


chamber of commerce, entrepreneurship, external and internal environment, interagency cooperation, small and medium business

JEL-Classification: F16, F19, L26, L31, M53

Nizova L.M., Biryukova O.G. (2019). Chamber of Commerce as a phenomenon of entrepreneurship development (on the example of the Republic of Mari El) [Torgovo-promyshlennaya palata kak fenomen razvitiya predprinimatelstva (na primere Respubliki Mariy El)]. Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship, 20(3). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/rp.20.3.40074.

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