Geopolitical aspects of electric power development: organizational and strategic approaches

Салыгин В.И., Мустафинов Р.К.
Geopolitical aspects of electric power development: organizational and strategic approaches - View in Russian

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This article examines the problems of integration of large-scale power systems in the context of structural challenges. There are several variants for spatial development of the Russian energy system in the Eurasian region. The first variant is based on the infrastructure of the EEU member countries, which has been undergoing relatively active work on creating common approaches and bringing together long-term energy concepts. The second variant is build upon the infrastructure of other states that are members of the CIS. The third variant is represented by a scope of options and depends both on global trends and regional geopolitical forces.
The paper gives a comprehensive and clear idea that the driving factors in enhancing cross-border electricity flows correlate with issues of energy security and sustainable development. The authors propose a systematic approach towards the development of integration processes that could be used for practical and educational purposes. The integration of power systems is also triggered by the creation of the common electricity market within the framework of transitional economies, as well as optimization of the regional fuel and energy balance.


Salygin, V.I., & Mustafinov, R.K. (2019) Geopolitical aspects of electric power development: organizational and strategic approaches. Ekonomicheskie otnosheniya, 9(1), 177-194. doi: 10.18334/eo.9.1.40123 (in Russian)

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