Published in «Russian Journal of Labor Economics»2 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/et.6.2.40515

Overview of social protection of motherhood as a factor in women's employment

Ageeva Evgeniya Valerevna, Baikal State University, Russia

Обзор социальной защиты материнства как фактора женской занятости - View in Russian

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Women in the modern world are equal participants in economic activity. But, performing an important social function – childbirth and parenthood (motherhood), they become vulnerable both in material and social terms. So far, in most countries of the world, women in the state of motherhood experience discrimination in employment compared to men or childless women. Social protection during the period of motherhood should be an important element in the protection of women's economic rights. A review of the data of the International Labour Organization and the World Bank showed that so far in the world the state forms of social protection of motherhood extend mainly to the formal sector of the economy. It is shown that there are no objective studies that determine the decrease in the motivation of women to return to work in the presence of measures of social protection of motherhood in the country. The basic tendencies of transformation of modern approaches to a set of measures of social protection of motherhood in the world are defined. According to the results of the study, it was concluded that it is necessary to extend the measures of social protection of motherhood to non-traditional, informal forms of employment of women in order to ensure the health of the nation and maintain the overall standard of living and well-being. The conclusions of the article can be useful for specialists in the field of employment and social protection of the population, state and municipal administration.


discrimination against women, female employment, International Labour Organization, labor rights of women, social protection of motherhood

JEL-Classification: F66, J21, J83

Ageeva E.V. (2019). Overview of social protection of motherhood as a factor in women's employment [Obzor sotsialnoy zaschity materinstva kak faktora zhenskoy zanyatosti]. Russian Journal of Labor Economics, 6(2). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/et.6.2.40515.

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