Published in «Russian Journal of Labor Economics»2 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/et.6.2.40616

Salary of pedagogical workers of the sphere of professional education: new incentives and threats

Velmisova Ekaterina Igorevna, Bashkir State University, Russia

Заработная плата педагогических работников сферы профессионального образования: новые стимулы и угрозы - View in Russian

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The article analyzes the problematic issues in the current system of organizing the remuneration of teachers in the field of professional education of the Russian Federation. The author paid special attention to specific problems that are inherent in the field of vocational education in the context of innovation and information processes. The factors affecting the motivation and stimulation of teachers' activities, as well as possible risks in the transition of the teaching staff to an effective contract system are indicated.

Now in the Russian Federation reforms of a system of professional education are promptly undertaken, attributes of an entrepreneurial activity actively take root into practice of management of the educational organizations. Introduction of these tools is followed by transformation of higher educational institutions and also technical schools into the customer–oriented organizations, and teachers – in ordinary hired workers. All this is followed by deterioration in the academic environment, decrease in motivation of pedagogical employees. In article problematic issues in the operating system of the organization of compensation of pedagogical workers in the sphere of professional education of the Russian Federation are analyzed. The author noted that, need of constant improvement of a system of compensation and stimulation of representatives of this industry is a relevant problem of today.


effective contract, pedagogical workers, professional education, salary

JEL-Classification: J24, J31, J41, J45

Velmisova E.I. (2019). Salary of pedagogical workers of the sphere of professional education: new incentives and threats [Zarabotnaya plata pedagogicheskikh rabotnikov sfery professionalnogo obrazovaniya: novye stimuly i ugrozy]. Russian Journal of Labor Economics, 6(2). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/et.6.2.40616.

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