Published in «Journal of International Economic Affairs»2 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/eo.9.2.40665

International cooperation in the field of electricity as a way to solve problems in the industry

Nurdavlyatova Aygul Ilvirovna, The Institute of Economics, Finance and Business of Bashkir State University, Russia

Международное сотрудничество в сфере электроэнергетики как способ решения проблем в отрасли - View in Russian

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The electric power industry in Russia is one of the largest, most developed and important sectors of industry. However, the state of this industry is characterized by a lot of problems, among which is the issue of the surplus of electric power capacity. This situation is the reason for higher energy prices. The problem of excess electricity may be solved by export activation. Successful economic development of the country should be based not only on modern, modernized, technologically advanced electric power, but also on mutually advantageous international cooperation of the country with other states. Realization of advantages of the international trade and better optimization of loading of power stations will allow to increase efficiency of functioning of national power system. The article will be useful not only for specialists in the field of electricity, but also it will be interesting to economists and analysts, considering this branch from the economic point of view.


electric power capacity, electric power industry, export, generation, international cooperation

JEL-Classification: Q43, Q47, Q49

Nurdavlyatova A.I. (2019). International cooperation in the field of electricity as a way to solve problems in the industry [Mezhdunarodnoe sotrudnichestvo v sfere elektroenergetiki kak sposob resheniya problem v otrasli]. Journal of International Economic Affairs, 9(2). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/eo.9.2.40665.

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