Published in «Russian Journal of Innovation Economics»2 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/rp.20.5.40669

Regional features of development of service activities

Belikova Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Volgograd Institute of Business, Russia

Chernyavskaya Ekaterina Yurevna, Volgograd Institute of Business, Russia

Региональные особенности развития сервисной деятельности - View in Russian

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In article the authors give an assessment of a regional status and development of service activity and economy in the territory of Volgograd and area. The primary competitive benefits of the city are selected. The volume of paid services in the Russian Federation and subjects of the Southern federal district in 2018, in actually operating prices and in percentage by 2017, is considered. The results are summed up and possible perspectives of development are predicted. It is emphasized that development of economy provides employment and the income of the population, creates receipts in the budget of Volgograd, influences town-planning activity, satisfaction of requirement of society for various goods, works and services. Without successful economic development it is impossible to achieve improvement of quality of life of the population and the favorable urban environment. Scientific novelty of a research is assessment of the current state of service activity in the territory of Volgograd, for the purpose of development of high-quality providing paid services to the population.


capacity of the region, consumer market, investors, paid services, quality of life, services sector, territorial and industrial clusters, transport corridor, work forces

JEL-Classification: R11, R12, R19

Belikova E.V., Chernyavskaya E.Yu. (2019). Regional features of development of service activities [Regionalnye osobennosti razvitiya servisnoy deyatelnosti]. Russian Journal of Innovation Economics, 9(2). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/rp.20.5.40669.

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