The impact of the ruble devaluation in 2014 on the dynamics of foreign trade operations of the Far Eastern federal district

Симутина Н.Л., Пузикова О.П.
The impact of the ruble devaluation in 2014 on the dynamics of foreign trade operations of the Far Eastern federal district - View in Russian

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The strategy of maintaining a low exchange rate of the national currency to stimulate export operations is used by many countries, including Russia. The article analyzes the structure and dynamics of export and import operations and of the trade balance of the Far Eastern federal district. A simplified calculation of the elasticity of exports and imports was made, on the basis of which it was concluded that the Marshall-Lerner condition was met, but the improvement in the trade balance came only in 2018. Analysis of the dynamics of soybean exports and comparison of average export prices with the world showed that there are reserves in the expansion of this direction.


Simutina, N.L., & Puzikova, O.P. (2019) The impact of the ruble devaluation in 2014 on the dynamics of foreign trade operations of the Far Eastern federal district. Ekonomicheskie otnosheniya, 9(2), 1239-1254. doi: 10.18334/eo.9.2.40809 (in Russian)

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