Единая электронная валюта ЕАЭС: миф или реальность

Дудин М.Н., Шахова М.С.
Единая электронная валюта ЕАЭС: миф или реальность - View in Russian

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The purpose of this article is to, on the basis of research and system analysis of available scientific sources, research results and regulatory acts, to highlight the main unresolved issue in the cryptocurrency turnover system within the EAEU. According to the goal of the study, its tasks are: ascertaining the essence, main features and meaning of the term “cryptocurrency”; analysis of international legal experience in the field of legal regulation of cryptocurrency turnover; establish the need for legal regulation of the cryptocurrency circulation process, in particular, identify the problems that arise in connection with the introduction of cryptocurrency into circulation, and suggest ways to solve them.
Materials and methods. The methodological basis of this article are literary sources for the research on the claimed. The authors in the present work proceed from the objectively subjective assignment of any phenomena and processes of the external world in this format. In the work applied methods such as analysis and synthesis, systematization and comparison.
Results. This work represents the development of scientific ideas about the existence of a single electronic currency within the EAEU in terms of digitalization. This article reveals the concept of “cryptocurrency”, its properties and principles, as well as its significance for the national and global payment systems. The analysis of the legal regulation of the cryptocurrency market. The problems of the introduction of a single e-currency within the EAEU are identified.
Findings. The introduction of its own cryptocurrency on the territory of the Eurasian Union will be an important step in the development of a unified digital economy of the participating countries. Today, many countries have come to the conclusion that digitalization is one of the priorities of the global economy.
Application. The findings and research results can be used to study the process of using digital currencies as a single world currency.


Dudin, M.N., & Shakhova, M.S. (2019) Единая электронная валюта ЕАЭС: миф или реальность. Economics and society: contemporary models of development, 9(2), 260-276. doi: 10.18334/ecsoc.9.2.40869 (in Russian)

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