Published in «Creative Economy»9 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/ce.13.9.40974

Supply chain digital transformation methodology

Sergeev Igor Viktorovich, The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia

Методология цифровой трансформации цепей поставок - View in Russian

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The concept of “digital business transformation“ is considered and the main advantages of digitalization are analyzed. Six main stages of the digital transformation of companies have been identified. The essence of the digital business model and the key drivers of business digitalization and, accordingly, the formation of a new business model are determined. It is shown that the creation of a digital double of the business structure - Digital Twin - is one of the fundamental methodological principles of digital transformation of both an individual company and the supply chain as a whole. In this case, a complete understanding of the company's customers and the desired business design is necessary. 4 main Digital Twin models are proposed: supplier, manufacturer, Omnichannel and ecosystem driver. The main methodological principles of supply chain digitalization, in particular those related to the Gartner maturity model, are examined in detail. The continuum of digital technologies that determine the degree of digital transformation of supply chains is analyzed. A “pyramid” of stages of digital transformation of supply chains is proposed and an example of its use in the digitalization of logistics activities in supply chains taking into account the maturity of processes is given.


business model, digital double, digital transformation, methodology, process maturity model, supply chain

JEL-Classification: M11, M21, O31, O32, O33

Sergeev I.V. (2019). Supply chain digital transformation methodology [Metodologiya tsifrovoy transformatsii tsepey postavok]. Creative Economy, 13(9). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ce.13.9.40974.

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