Published in «Creative Economy»9 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/ce.13.9.40988

Entrepreneurship as a dynamic competence: learning models

Gurunyan Tatiana Valentinovna, Siberian Institute of Management - a branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Russia

Rozhdestvenskaya Elena Mikhaylovna, National Research Tomsk State University, Russia

Предпринимательство как динамическая компетенция: модели обучения - View in Russian

The study aims to determine the possibilities of higher education modernization and the application of breakthrough methods in learning process by students themselves to create an entrepreneurial university in the region. Entrepreneurship training is a continuous process of improving competencies, which are decomposed depending on the purpose of such training and integration into the main educational program. We highlight entrepreneurship training models through the cases of Tomsk State University and the SIU branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. At the Tomsk State University, the entrepreneurial learning model is an ecosystem model through the integration of the student entrepreneurial environment with the business and government. At the Siberian Institute of Management, a branch of the RANEPA, entrepreneurship training is integrated into the bachelor's program and project activities in cooperation with the business community. This leads to significant success in graduating students starting their own business (28 % of graduates).

Authors consider the effectiveness of innovative educational technology to internalize students’ entrepreneurial competencies as entrepreneurial ecosystem benefits. An important prerequisite is the hypothesis of the entrepreneurial education as a key factor, forming an entrepreneurial culture and mindset, which is a catalyst for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The authors propose dividing into entrepreneurship education models based on the degree of integration into the main educational program by examining the cases of two universities. As a result, we have revealed pedagogical methods and models of teaching entrepreneurship are far from unity; we have concluded the effectiveness of certain practices. The subjective student assessment by the framework of anonymous sociological surveys at Tomsk State University and the Siberian Institute of Management, a branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, serves as a marker of the organizational and pedagogical measures effectiveness for teaching entrepreneurship and is directly related to student satisfaction with the level of entrepreneurial competencies development.


business planning, ecosystem, entrepreneurship, resource potential, soft skills in entrepreneurship, university 3.0

JEL-Classification: A13, L26, M11, M21

Gurunyan T.V., Rozhdestvenskaya E.M. (2019). Entrepreneurship as a dynamic competence: learning models [Predprinimatelstvo kak dinamicheskaya kompetentsiya: modeli obucheniya]. Creative Economy, 13(9). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ce.13.9.40988.

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