Distinctive features and classification of high-tech projects of development and production of civil products

Грачева О.В., Глебова О.В., Мельникова О.Ю.
Distinctive features and classification of high-tech projects of development and production of civil products - View in Russian

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The article deals with various classifications of high-tech projects. The importance of project categorization is shown, the classification criteria of the diamond-shaped model are considered. Shortcomings in existing approaches to classification of specific high-tech projects are revealed. The interpretation of classification features of high-tech civil projects is specified and the introduction of new scales taking into account the specifics of the projects is justified. Four qualification criteria for high-tech civilian projects are proposed, they are as follows: novelty, organizational complexity, technological complexity, and pace of implementation. The proposed classification takes into account the specific features of high-tech civil projects.


Gracheva, O.V., Glebova, O.V., & Melnikova, O.Yu. (2019) Distinctive features and classification of high-tech projects of development and production of civil products. Russian Journal of Innovation Economics, 9(3), 1067-1076. doi: 10.18334/vinec.9.3.41013 (in Russian)

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