Published in «Journal of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Law»3 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/epp.9.3.41212

Китайский вектор в Скандинавии как новая форма альтернативы партнерства РФ и КНР в Арктике в 2010-2020-х гг.

Magomadov Ibragim Adlanovich, Stavropol State University, Russia

Китайский вектор в Скандинавии как новая форма альтернативы партнерства РФ и КНР в Арктике в 2010-2020-х гг. - View in Russian

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The article describes the specifics of the economic strategy of the People's Republic of China in the Arctic region in 2000-2020. The analysis of China's policy in Denmark, Sweden and Norway in the context of a real economic counterweight to the Russian-Chinese partnership in the region is given. The peculiarities of the advantages of the Kingdom of Denmark during the standoff between China with Norway and Sweden in 2010-2016 and 2010-2013 are described. The specifics of the failures of Norwegian firms in the Chinese market due to the positions of Danish corporations are detailed, but the reason why China allows companies from Oslo to be present in these market segments is explained, in order to keep the prices of Danish goods and services in a relative price balance acceptable to China. The specificity of the Sino-Swedish strategies in Hong Kong is reflected. On the basis of the sources, the stagnation of the Swedish management and its inability to enter the wide domestic market of China, limited only to a niche in the special administrative region, is shown. The reasons why the Scandinavian vector of China's policy in the Arctic is an important counterweight to the Russian-Chinese economic relations in the region are described. The key problems of trade relations between Russia and China are identified. They explain the problem of how the three kingdoms of Northern Europe have achieved success in a shorter period of partnership with China, in contrast to Russia, to which which China increasingly assigns the role of a transit state in the region. The analysis of the US economic strategy aimed at containing China in the regions of Northern Europe and the Arctic is given. The problem of the development of resources of Greenland island by Chinese companies, giving Denmark a significant replenishment of the autonomy budget, is highlighted.


china, China factor, commodity exports of the Russian Federation, Denmark, economy and the Arctic, economy of the Nordic countries, economy of the Scandinavian countries, Greenland, Hong Kong, import of China, Norway, russia, Russian Federation, Russian-Chinese relations in the Arctic, scandinavia, Scandinavian countries, shadow economy, Sino-Danish relations, Sino-Norwegian relations, Sino-Swedish relations, Sweden, the Arctic
Magomadov I.A. (2019). Китайский вектор в Скандинавии как новая форма альтернативы партнерства РФ и КНР в Арктике в 2010-2020-х гг. [Kitayskiy vektor v Skandinavii kak novaya forma alternativy partnerstva RF i KNR v Arktike v 2010-2020-kh gg.]. Journal of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Law, 9(3). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/epp.9.3.41212.

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