Published in «Food Policy and Security»1 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/ppib.6.1.41264


Gasanov Asif Abuzar ogly, Azerbaijan State Agrarian University, Russia

Veliev Vugar Nusrat ogly, Azerbaijan State Agrarian University, Russia

Some aspects of production and sales management in poultry farming - View in Russian

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Market food and goods available on the market are selected by their particular features. This is primarily due to the fact that the material base of the food market consists of the agricultural and processing industrial products. Products produced in the agricultural sector, are selected for their specific characteristics. These products usually have the ability to quickly lose quality. In the analysis of opportunities of product in a particular country, such products can be damaged and a loss of quality can lead to loss of the seller or any other economic entity as a whole. In the end, this area is considered a risky area.


agricultural product risk, food products, sales of agricultural products
Gasanov A.A. ogly, Veliev V.N. ogly (2019). SOME ASPECTS OF PRODUCTION AND SALES MANAGEMENT IN POULTRY FARMING [Some aspects of production and sales management in poultry farming]. Food Policy and Security, 6(1). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ppib.6.1.41264.

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