Published in «Leadership and Management»4 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/lim.6.4.41299

Особенности кадрового обеспечения в условиях цифровизации

Kruglov Dmitriy Valerevich, The St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia

Kruglova Olga Dmitrievna, The St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia

Особенности кадрового обеспечения в условиях цифровизации - View in Russian

The paper considers the process of further development of the Digital Economy. Digitalization has an impact on all sectors of the economy. IT technologies and platforms are changing the current management model. Big-data makes changes to the use of information by HR departments. As research methods, we used the methods of synthesis and analysis, as well as methods of tabular and graphical representations of data. Employees in the field of IT-technologies are improving the human resources management system, in general, and the staffing system in particular. Different issues arise for personnel departments, depending on the forms of doing business. New directions are emerging for modeling situations and analyzing the future. A huge role is played by risk analysis and resource optimization. The introduction of advanced technologies leads to a large number of positive effects and consequences for the digital economy from increasing competitiveness to improving the efficiency of staffing. Our society and a favorable innovative and creative environment allow us to implement projects implemented in the digital space


digital economy, digital transformation, digitalization, human resource management, human resources, staffing

JEL-Classification: J22, J24, M50, M51

Kruglov D.V., Kruglova O.D. (2019). Особенности кадрового обеспечения в условиях цифровизации [Osobennosti kadrovogo obespecheniya v usloviyakh tsifrovizatsii]. Leadership and Management, 6(4). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/lim.6.4.41299.

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