Published in «Creative Economy»11 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/ce.13.11.41357

The concept of "Business model" vs the concept of "Strategy": the duality of modern views

Denisov Igor Vladimirovich, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia

Petrenko Elena Stepanovna, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia

Koshmaganbetova Zhanar Bitimovna, Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan

Togaybeva Lyusiya Islamovna, Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan

Концепция «Бизнес-модель» vs концепция «Стратегия»: дуализм современных взглядов - View in Russian

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The article presents a study of the search for similarities and differences between the concepts of business model and strategy. An example of a discussion of the relationship between business models and strategy, characterized by two opposing approaches, is given. One approach is that a business model is no more than a new term based on historical strategy research and adds little to the knowledge available. The article also reflects the opposite view on the relationship between business model and strategy, which is a huge difference between business model and strategy. The business model and strategy in this case are separate constructs that require separate consideration. In addition, the business model is considered not only in the context of the confrontation between two different opinions on the definition of its essence, but also as a new representation of the concept of strategy, as well as separate from the strategy of scientific direction.


business model, competition, cost, strategy, value

JEL-Classification: M11, M21, M29

Denisov I.V., Petrenko E.S., Koshmaganbetova Zh.B., Togaybeva L.I. (2019). The concept of "Business model" vs the concept of "Strategy": the duality of modern views [Kontseptsiya «Biznes-model» vs kontseptsiya «Strategiya»: dualizm sovremennyh vzglyadov]. Creative Economy, 13(11). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ce.13.11.41357.

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