Published in «Food Policy and Security»2 / 2019
DOI: 10.18334/ppib.6.2.41386

Глобальные вызовы и угрозы развития аграрного сектора России

Lyasnikov N.V. , Market Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Romanova Yu.A. , Market Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Глобальные вызовы и угрозы развития аграрного сектора России - View in Russian

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This article examines global challenges and threats of development of agrarian sector of Russia. The article presents the analysis of technological shifts in the global agricultural sector with a focus on the impact of these developments on the Russian economy.
The aim of this work is a study of global challenges and threats of development of agrarian sector of Russia.
The object of research is the agricultural sector of Russia.
Object of research is process development of the Russian agrarian sector in the conditions of global challenges.
When carrying out the method of theoretical analysis and synthesis, classification, method of induction and deduction, comparison.
The results obtained. It is established that at the present time, agriculture is undergoing a revolution. The main task of the farmers, agroholdings, scientists, and more recently, IT specialists – increasing yields while reducing use of resources. On the one hand, this trend is provoked by the necessity to feed a growing global population, with another –the need to reduce the negative impact of agricultural activities on the environment. This dilemma raises a number of challenges for agriculture, road production; climate change; changing patterns of demand.
Basic global problems of the agricultural sector are:
– resource saving, a possibility which directly is determined by the level of innovative development of the country and its agricultural sector;
– acceleration of development of production with high level of value added;
– ensuring the availability and security of agroproizvodstve;
– stabilization and increase of income, primarily small and medium farmers whose financial condition is extremely vulnerable due to the lack of access to credit and traditionally smaller stock of financial stability compared to large companies.
Digital agriculture is able to provide the solution to many problems facing the industry, but only if it is applied with foresight and adaptability.
New information, bio - and nanotechnology, significant changes in the chain of distribution, added value, changing preferences and attitudes of consumers, climate change is not a complete list of the factors that will influence the agricultural sector in Russia and in the world in the near future.
The authors offer measures able to counteract the negative effects of economic challenges.


agrarian sector, agriculture, challenges, global issues, threats
Lyasnikov N.V., Romanova Yu.A. (2019). Глобальные вызовы и угрозы развития аграрного сектора России [Globalnye vyzovy i ugrozy razvitiya agrarnogo sektora Rossii]. Food Policy and Security, 6(2). (in Russian). – doi: 10.18334/ppib.6.2.41386.

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