Human capital of the contemporary family

Khadzhalova Khadizhat Magomedovna, Doctor of Science, Economics, Leading Researcher, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Dagestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Человеческий капитал современной семьи - View in Russian

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Understanding the real position of the contemporary family, prospects of its development, can be obtained by considering the characteristics of all the components of the contemporary family, namely the labor potential and health of family members, their education, skills, qualifications. These characteristics are the components of human capital and they are decisive in assessing the socio-economic position of the family and its well-being and quality of life.


demography, economy of the region, family life cycle, human capital, labor potential, population quality of life, resources, work force
Khadizhat Khadzhalova (2014). Human capital of the contemporary family [Chelovecheskiy kapital sovremennoy semyi]. Creative Economy, 8(11). (in Russian)..

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