Current problems of crop insurance with state support

Elagin Dmitriy Viktorovich, Russia

Актуальные проблемы страхования урожая сельскохозяйственных культур с государственной поддержкой - View in Russian

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Up to date in Russia, as elsewhere in the world, agricultural entrepreneurs insure future harvests and other results of their work, depending on weather and other destructive factors. Is it effective? What is the role of the Government in this activity (and what it should be)? How to improve the traditional model of crop insurance? Read this article.


agro-industrial complex, crop insurance, insurance market, insurance reserve, state support of insurance
Dmitriy Elagin (2009). Current problems of crop insurance with state support [Aktualnye problemy strakhovaniya urozhaya selskokhozyaystvennyh kultur s gosudarstvennoy podderzhkoy]. Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship, 10(6). (in Russian)..