Monitoring Effectiveness of the State Property Management

Margasov Dmitriy Vyacheslavovich, Russia

Контроль эффективности управления государственным имуществом - View in Russian

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The author classifies the state property in 3 main groups: 1) the property necessary to carry out public functions of the state, 2) the property which can be used to carry out social obligations of the state, and 3) the property that is not suitable for being the state and municipal property. The author defines the third group as inefficient property, and suggests the ways to identify and transfer it from the state property to private ownership.


budgetary cash flows, inefficient state property, privatization, rent, rosimushchestvo (federal agency for state property management), state property
Dmitriy Margasov (2011). Monitoring Effectiveness of the State Property Management [Kontrol effektivnosti upravleniya gosudarstvennym imuschestvom]. Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship, 12(5). (in Russian)..

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