Managing Credit and Interest Rate Risks in Mortgage Lending

Zhuk Denis Evgenyevich, Russia

Управление кредитным и процентным рисками в процессе ипотечного кредитования - View in Russian

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The article notes that forecasting of creditworthiness of borrower in case of a natural person, is extremely rare in banking practice. In this regard, the author suggests making such forecasts more often using a combination of indicators. The author proves that the cost of mortgage finance sources, i.e. the deposit (passive) rate is the starting point for calculating the interest rate of the mortgage loan.


credit risk, creditworthiness, financial position of borrower, mortgage loan, mortgage rates, risk management
Denis Zhuk (2011). Managing Credit and Interest Rate Risks in Mortgage Lending [Upravlenie kreditnym i protsentnym riskami v protsesse ipotechnogo kreditovaniya]. Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship, 12(5). (in Russian)..

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