Multinational Automobile Companies on the Markets of Russia and China

Chistyakov Mikhail Valeryevich, Postgraduate Student, Faculty of Management, State University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Транснациональные компании автомобильной отрасли на рынках России и Китая - View in Russian

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The article compares the entry strategies of transnational corporations (TNCs) to the automobile markets of Russia and China in the context of approaches by J. Dunning and P. Buckley. The results of comparison reveal that TNCs mainly have a form of their own production in Russia, while in China they have a form of joint ventures with local companies. The model that best describes the methods used by TNCs to enter the considered markets should be a synthesis of models by J. Dunning and P. Buckley.


automobile industry, china, methods of market entry, russia, transnational companies
Mikhail Chistyakov (2012). Multinational Automobile Companies on the Markets of Russia and China [Transnatsionalnye kompanii avtomobilnoy otrasli na rynkakh Rossii i Kitaya]. Russian Journal of Entrepreneurship, 13(18). (in Russian)..

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